Beauty Products Review: IDS Clinic by Dr SK Tan (1st consultation)


So they say when one door closes, the other door opens. I am in search of that opened door. I needed urgent treatment for my skin issues. I have to try another skin doctor to treat my skin issues and did some research online.

I came across Dr SK Tan. Dr Tan has a strong interest in aesthetic dermatology, which led him to his success today. He is one of the founding member of Derma-Rx and the Medical Director of The DRx Clinic before he started out his own IDS Clinic, launching the IDS skincare range of products.

He is one of the reasons why I decided to try out the IDS Clinic.

Aside to that he was into Pigmentation, Acne and Rosacea research and studies. He spoke worldwide, write papers and journals and is extremely experienced in his field, having started out since the 1970s. Impressive and convincing, I have yet to include his credentials and certifications. So why not give him a chance to treat my skin?

My first impression of the clinic is that it is very clean, and bright. The staff are also friendly and welcoming.

The place looks very simple, cozy, homely and new. It doesn't have the very cluttered look. Everywhere was well organized.

Wall of IDS products

Check out Dr Tan's wall of fame where his certificates were secured with strong clips and hang using "S hooks" on the wall. His wall of fame is very creatively done.

The dispensary where I collected my IDS products after the consultation with Dr SK Tan.

Sneak pic of the room where I had pictures of my face taken so that Dr Tan can better access my skin conditions and write records.

All photos were taken just before I left the clinic.

My consultation with Dr Tan was a pleasant one. He doesn't put on airs despite his position and how established he was. He also had this set of interesting glasses where he used to look at my face.

Later, he passed me a mirror to have a good look at my face as he did not see the redness which I was complaining to him about.

Dr Tan assured me that my skin was curable and my pigmentation is not a serious issue. However, he highlighted that the sun is not going to be my good friend as prolonged exposure of the sun, without sunblock especially, is harming to my skin.

He mentioned that steroids creams should not be used for a long period of time as they are harmful to the skin. Steroids may cure my skin issue fast but only for a short period of them.

The consultation was a quick and fuss free one. He then prescribed me with a set of IDS products for me to use.

My prescribed products
C2 - Gentle Cleanser, C3 Cleansing Gel, T1 Purifying Toner, C+ C-Plus, OM - Oil Free Moisturizer, S2 - Non-tinted Sunscreen & CC Calming Cream (not in pic)

I will share with you my skin progress and more on each of the prescribed products in another post.

IDS Clinic is located at :

#05-07 to 10


Till Then,

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