Etude House Aloe Mask


I love Etude Aloe mask because it is so moisturizing and i could feel that my face was much hydrated after using it and it cooled off my burning face due to the hot weather. Aloe Vera has soothing effects on the skin. Do you know it is good to apply Aloe Vera if you have sun burn? It is natural and very effective for curing or prevention of acne. My acne actually healed much after a day of using and my face was much brighter.

This mask does not have a double layer in it but it works perfectly well on me. Really love it and guess i will get my new sheet soon after finishing this one. It does contain fragrance, but luckily it was not too strong and not that kind of sweet scent. Hehe ;D

I actually bought it from Etude House during my recent trip to JB. Shh! They were having promotion and its so much cheaper than here in Singapore! I always get my supplies there when i can. :D Get yours now! 
What are you waiting for?

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