Sponsored Review: Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Mousse


Maybelline is so nice to sponsor me this bottle of Pure Mineral BB Mousse. This has been out in the market sometime late 2011 and i haven't got a chance to review it. Thank you so much!

Let me give you my 5cents view on this. The fluffy texture of this mousse is like any other mousse, only that it is beidge in color, it has like a cake's whipped cream shape. It oxidizes really really fast (like poof, it'll evaoprate) and gets absorbed into the skin within seconds. You can either pat it into your face gently, or sometimes when i am in a hurry i will use a make up sponge to pat it into my skin.

I really love how easily i can use this, except that sometimes when i may forgot and spray too much of it on my palm, and there were also occasions where i accidently dropped the mousse onto the floor.

It doesn't cause me any skin irritation or itchyness as my face can get sensitive at times. It doesn't covers my pimples/acnes or pigmentation, i still need to use my Maybelline's concealer to conceal them or i will just pat my mineral foundation over them.

Will i repurchase this? Definately yes as it is really light and the color of the foundation suits my skin tone perfectly. Those looking for an affordable deal can check out Watsons or major departmental stores for it. :P

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  1. Hello how did you get sponsored by Maybelline? Did you email them or did they approach you via email? :)


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