Sponsored Review: Sexylook Intensive Repairing Black Cotton Mask ~ Black is the new WHITE, slapping black gold on my face


Have you seen this amazing mask around? It is known as the Sexylook Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask . It is absolutely amazing! I have never seen a mask that is BLACK in colour and i am a big fan of anything charcoal! I've used charcoal facial wash before and they felt absolutely refreshing and great. My skin always feels smoother after use. They are also really great for detox and whitening! They are great for oily and pimply face like mine too. I guess my kind sponsor had seen my profile and know that i am not only a great fan of mask but owns a pimply face too. They are so kind to sponsor me this for my usage and review. Thank you SexyLook once again :)

As you can see from the image below; the main ingredients of this mask

-Activated carbon-infused
-Black Pearl Extract
-Black Bee Honey
-Obsidian Extract (from volcanic lava) 

Finally! I get my hands on this amazing black mask. I never thought it would be really black in colour. How cool is that? Its really my first time using a black charcoal mask and i am beaming with excitement and intense joy!

That's the back of the mask with the usual information
of validity, effects, ingredients and so on.

Look at this! My first reaction was.. This must be a packing error. It is just a tinsy weeny little piece of damped paper in there. You sure this is my mask? It barely filled half the packaging. 

I decided to pull it out anyway! Noticed also that this mask did not have the plastic sheet which most Sexylook mask has. It feels really moist and clumpy on the hands. How does the legendary black gold feels like on my skin? 

It took me sometime to slap this on. It feels really silky and the cotton was fully immersed with the mask serum. I also noticed that the serum is not black in colour, so i won't get a black face after removing it. It was a little cooling and very relaxing to have it on. I really love the texture of this mask. Feels kinda like the baby napkin was put on my face. It stick on my face quite well and it didn't have any weird kinda smell. I also did not developed any allergic reaction. It feels really good! After a good 30 minutes of masking, the mask still feels rather wet.

In Summary:

This Black mask makes your face silky smooth, healthy and white :D

Mask Sheet Quality - 5/5
Mask Packaging - 4/5
Mask Price 3/5 
Mask Innovative - 5/5
Whitening Effects - 4/5
Softening Effects - 3/5
Detox Effects - 5/5
Fit into face - 4/5
Serum Thickness - 5/5
Scent - 5/5
Allergic Effects - None

Overall : 4.5/5 (I really love this piece!) 

You can't really see the effects of the mask on my face here. But it was fairer, smoother and silky. It was really easy to apply my make up the following day and my pimples really subsided. My moment of wanting to hide my face away was gone. But like i always say, there is no miracles in this world. But i would definitely recommend this mask if you wanna detox your face. I have witness the effects myself. 

Before you go off! They are having a promotion on this mask now. So go on, click it and buy it if i had convinced you. Do leave a comment here and follow me on my facebook page and blog.

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Till then, here's Pearly signing off........

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