Review: My Scheming Mask - Bamboo Charcoal and Cryste Marine Whitening Double Lifting Mask


Introducing you yet another wonderful mask from My Scheming!
Its the  Bamboo Charcoal and Cryste Marine Whitening Double Lifting Mask.
We all know that Charcoal works great as a cleanser and to absorb moisture and to remove toxin.

The Bamboo Charcoal Essence will hydrate, repair, and brighten your skin.
The tea tree oil and Allantoin helps to minimize skin pores and will leave your skin bright and silky smooth.

I love the packaging. 
See the little girl with a travelling luggage with the dog trailing behind.
Each has a hat on them!  Don't forget the kitty on the chair!
It is super cute!

Unlike their normal range of mask. 
This one comes with 5 pieces a pack.
I love it even more because it has ear hooks and the wrap around your neck part.
I always believe that the neck is part of our face,
so it should also be well taken care off.
(Ever since the day my aunty told my mum how "wrinkled" my neck is! Boo! Boo!)

Read the important instructions at the back of the mask before you proceed.

3D Lifting effect great to bid good bye to your wrinkles! Yippie! 

This is the mask packaging. Each mask sheet contains 30ml of mask serum.

The 4 quick and easy steps to apply the mask sheet over your face. :)

A mask full of serum! As always they are so generous ;D

My mask - unmasked! And ready to put onto my face!

And finally! I have the mask on my face.


Verdict Time:
I love how the mask fits my face perfectly and love it even more that
it is a face and neck mask. Bamboo gives us great benefits in terms of cleansing and
yes I do experience the cleansing benefits. It was cooling when I put on my face and
it was clearing out my toxins, I therefore had some pimples breaking out at the
corner of my face just a day later. Too much heat maybe!

The mask sheet was also of great quality. 
No special scent detected when having this mask too.
I would like to say that overall I rate this mask a 3.5/5 stars for all the benefits
that it gives me!
Do try this mask out and share your thoughts with me.

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