Sponsored Review: Rub it off! Rub it off! Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly (Unscented)


The following product is sponsored by Confirm Trading. Thank you once again to always be so kind to allow the humble me to review your product. I really appreciate the kind gesture. 

I believe everyone is under the mercy of the bright bright sun and we find ways and means to keep our skin healthy. Besides having sunblock, cleansers, serums and frequent masking, do you exfoliate? Today we are going to talk about exfoliation!

As most of you have now known the importance of exfoliation from my previous reviews (if you are avid readers of my blog). It is the act of removing dead, dried skin cells from your skin so as to achieve a smooth, bright and clear skin. This also allows new skin cells to regenerate and unclog your pores. 

Knowing that it is such an important thing to do, the next question would then be, so how often should i exfoliate my face? This should be done 1-2 times weekly. Take into consideration the condition of your skin. If your skin is sensitive you should not do it too often. Once a week is sufficient. If you are in a warm climate like i am, then you'll probably will have an oily skin, then you need to do so more often. Strike a balance.
Do avoid sensitive areas like your eye area when exfoliating.

I have been sponsored this most amazing product for review and it is non other than the Detclear Bright and Peel Meishoku Detclear Peeling Jelly (Unscented). I am not really fond of strong smelling products used on my face. I love perfumes thou! So let us take a look at my verdict!

Lets take a closer look at the product

Packaging of the product -
Rating : 4/5
I loved how they have the "lock" in case you accidentally pressed the pump and cause unnecessary wastage. It is user-friendly, you can identify clearly how much of the jelly is left. It also comes with an English version of the ingredients and usage instructions. This is so important! Nice!

Product Ingredients -
Rating : 4/5
It has AHA and BHA and its a fruit peeling jelly! Such a novelty! No parfume and fragrance! (i like!) The ingredients doesn't seem too strong for me too!

Price & Place -
Rating: 4/5

It will cost you $29.95 for a 180ml full retail sized bottle. If you can rub off black heads, melanin and sebum. I think you'll be sold by this product.

Directions/Usage instructions:
I personally recommend my users to use this product about twice
weekly. Its basically a
rub it off kind of jelly. So, Apply, spread and massage then finally rinse off. Its that easy to use.

The results of using this jelly was fabulous. It exfoliates well and unclog my pores. I see my blemishes subsiding. Those little red bumps also lighten after i exfoliated my skin. It was  brighter, smoother and my skin was fairer after just one use. My skin was also less oily. I really like this simple and easy to use product. And i stress that this product is unscented so it works very well with sensitive skin and for those who are sensitive to scented products, give this a try! Although i had ultra sensitive skin, i did not witness any side effects at all.  It was kind of fun to rub off the dead skin. I shall continue to use this! Truly a 5* exfoliating product.
P/s: Like all products it varies from skin to skin. Review is honest and not bias though sponsored. For best results, use continuously. Single usage will show you results but for better results, use it over a period of time.

Cheers to a brighter, lighter and beautiful skin!

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  1. It was mentioned in the beginning to exfoliate 1-2x a week only. Why recommend twice daily? (?_?)

  2. Thanks for pointing out. It should be twice weekly. :)


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