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To the lovely people of my homeland and out of my homeland who loves FOOD! This food post promises that after you finishing looking at all the oh-so-yummy food here. It'll send you drooling, stomach growling, tongue swooshing and wiping your saliva! 

If you are hunting for good food, unique dishes with a local flavour and top notch service. Here is where you should go. Sincere thanks to the waiters who gave good recommendations and great service! They were very attentive towards our needs!

This restaurant also serves you a nice basket of different variety of bread as an appetizer before your meal. A very nice and sweet move! The breads are also very yummy! You can choose to eat with the oilve oil or butter. The one with carrots tasted really good! I like the multi grain ones too! Not dry at all.

I'm sure you have seen this photo I've posted on my fan page? Yes! This is none other than the famous black pepper lobster specially made for Singapore's 48th birthday! This naughty lobster is trying it's luck to crawl out of my dining plate! *Evil Laughter*. Of course not! Its no longer alive when it's served on our table.

Black Pepper Lobster. Yes I'll give it a thumb's up for its taste. It is not spicy at all yet it had inherited all the fragrance from the black pepper sauce. The gravy is good for rice to go along as it's a little saltish, so don't waste it. Though the lobster is not fleshy, it's meat is soft and chewy. The chef is also very thoughtful to have cut the lobster up into neat chunks for easy sharing and eating. Not forgetting the local health concious, they have added a few ginkgo nuts which sorta act as a refresher after all that sass with the amazing peppery seafood dish.

$48. National Day Lobster (We got it complimentary as I won it from their contest)

Making ourselves travel all the way to this new restaurant. We did not want to let ourself down by taking the chance to savour more dishes. Along comes 2 other dishes which we ordered to share amongst the family of 3.

The Cajun Chicken with pear sauce is juicy inside and crispy outside. It is not dry at all. The restaurant serves this chicken with fries that are super nice and crunchy, in a decent size with a small pool of salad. And, what a clever move to use pear as a sauce as it greatly increase my appetite when the chicken is dipped into it. I couldn't figure out at first.

$18. Cajun Chicken with pear sauce. So worth the price and comes with super yummy fries!

Check out my husband's order. The Lamb Rendang! For once he was adventurous to try out something different other than fish and chips. *Giggles* Yes! He loves that, well who doesn't?

This lamb rendang is served with a good amount of gravy with pieces of garlic bread at the side. Asparagus, broccoli and carrot were also used to liven up the dish. (Imagine seeing a plate of black?) No worries for those who doesn't eat lamb due to the "unique smell" that it has or the tough texture of the meat.

The lamb is easily separated from its bone, easy to eat and not tough at all. The gravy is also very well flavoured with spices. It is easy to eat and not messy at all. Quite yummy for a lamb dish for a non-lamb eater like me.

$24. Lamb Rendang. So easy to eat, smells full of spices and no "unique smell".

Overall we loved this place and we will sure to be coming back to try their other dishes. I think you should check out this place too!

Check out their Facebook for on-going contest and promotions below:

They are located at 50 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098828.
You can alight at Habourfront MRT or take a bus and stop at the exit of VivoCity.
The hotel is about 10 minutes walk from there. As there is no proper signage of the restaurant, it may be a little difficult for you to find them. 

***Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I won the lobster dish and we paid for the rest of the dishes.***

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