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Everyone knows i am a masking addict. (No, not the Phantom of the mask, and not the 3M N97 mask) I started blogging about my mask experiences after I first tried on them due to my super dry face. My first few were actually bought by my mum as my birthday present. And so I wanted so much to share with my readers how I felt after masking. My friends too, had been asking which is good and what are the differences from the mask types. My answer to them is, it depends on what you wish achieve from masking.

So here I am again! I am going to share with you my new found from the new SexyLook 4D Mask. Which you can pamper your face at home without having to go for a facial. Who doesn't wish to look good?

Which step does masking comes in your daily cleaning routine? It happens right after your cleansing, after your toning and just before moisturizing your face. You may skip the moisturizing part if you find that the mask essence is enough. Some people would find it uncomfortable and wash off the mask essence, otherwise you can gently tap in the essence and wait for it to dry.

Image from SexyLook

The 4 types of newly launched 4D mask as shown are:
1. Organic Aloe Power Soothing Mask
2. Escargot Extract Intense Healing Mask
3. Pure Ocean Peal Whitening Mask
4. Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating Mask

Achieve Smooth and supple skin with 100% Cotton Mask from this range.
These series focus on making your skin kissable with natural certified Hyaluronic Acid
(NCHA™) through the following:

  • Cutting Edge Facial Care Approach
  • Material Upgrade with High Elastic Fiber
  • Eco-certified Nano Hyaluronic Acid Infused
  • Ultra fine Molecules Penetrate Effortlessly
  • Moisturizes your skin inside out
  • Ergonomic Double Lifting design maximizes essence absorption

Image from SexyLook
I will be reviewing the Pure Ocean Pearl Whitening mask in this post.

What is this?
Pure Ocean Pearl Rejuvenate and Whitening 4D Mask from SexyLook

What does it do?

Rejuvenate, Purifying and Whitening. The mask contains premium nutrients for skin's natural resilience and the Eco Pure Cotton Mask sheet aims to revitalize and brighten your skin.

The mask sheet has been upgraded to pure cotton with long-lasting Organic Hyaluronic Acid Infused in it.

The main ingredients are:

  • Pearl Extract
  • Red Algae Extract
  • Marine Collagen
  • Peppermint Extract
Note: This product does contains perfume

How many are there per box?

Each box contains 5 mask sheets

Who can use?

Mask is suitable for all skin types. Especially if you need a rejuvenating, purifying and whitening mask.

How to use/apply? General Steps
1. After cleansing of face, place mask over face.
2. Pull the ear-hook on both sides towards ears and hook.
3. Pull neck-piece upwards and hook on ears.
4. Leave on for 10-15 minutes.
5. Massage remaining essence onto skin. (No rinsing is required)
6. Complete the routine with skin care lotion/cream to lock in the moisture essence.

As with all other mask, perform skin allergy testing before each use if you have a sensitive skin like me. You can try to dab some essence on your neck or chin area and wait for a few minutes.

Stop using if irritation occurs and consult a skin dermatologist if the irritation persist.
Do not use mask over 15 minutes or overnight.
Discard after use and do not reuse it.
Slight yellowish precipitation may occur due to oxidation ad the product is rich in botanical extracts.

Read about my experience using this mask:

This mask does not come with the plastic lining like some other mask do. In terms of being environmentally friendly, SexyLook plays their part well. I am also fine with facial mask, with or without plastic sheets and I feel this will not affect the moisture level of the mask.


The texture of the mask sheet is quick thick. The good think about having a thick mask sheet is that it does not breaks easily and gives you a firmer rather than saggy skin at the end of your masking session. This mask is also super stretchable, so don't worry if you have a bigger face than mine. The flip side to it is that it can get a little hot and stuffy inside the mask. So i recommend you to be in a cool environment for this masking session.

The serum is also quick thick, a little too thick for my liking. Good thing is that it is not sticky and does not feel messy.


Pearl do not give you any unique scent or floral scent. I do not smell anything strong, which to me is preferred.



On the face: Face seems slightly brighter after only 10 minutes of use. Will continue to monitor the effectiveness with continuous usage. No sticky feeling and dripping of mask serums. Not much leftover serums to pat into face. No allergies or skin redness on the overall face. But as my nose had some peeling previously and it was mega sensitive then. I noticed redness and felt some itch the next morning.

So please use this mask with caution. Do not use it on raw skin especially if your skin is peeling or you had a sun burn. It may cause you allergic reactions. Otherwise, it works quite fine.


Although SexyLook face mask was sponsored, it does not affect my personal opinion of the product.

P/s: Currently SexyLook is running a contest for us bloggers to have the most comments on their blog under our post, so i hope you will help me out by commenting on what do you think of the eye patch and share with me tips that you use to help you in your eye bag issues.

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Pearly Tan

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