Beauty Review: Ziaja Marine Algae Spa Range [Sponsored]


After a hard day at work, what one yearns for is simply to be able to relax at the comfort of their own home while being able to pamper their skin. Do you still remembered the goat's milk product which I have introduced to you ? Its by Ziaja.

They have a marine algae spa range now.

The packaging is all marine blue in colour and it gives you a feeling as if you are swimming in the deep blue sea. Ziaja products never fail me. Even a sensitive skin person like me is at ease with their product, they smell nice too!

This range of products contains:
Hydro-retinol, Laminaria digitata, and Enteromorpha compressa.

Laminaria digitata - is a brown alga , rich in potassium, iodine, mineral salts. It simulates the ATP (natural energy carrier) and as effect it regulates the three basic skin's functions:: nourishing, protecting and moisturizing. It also strengthens the elastic and collagen fibers and moderates the skin's ageing process.

Enteromorpha compressa - It is a green algae which contains amino acids among others hydroxyproline, protein, vitamins from group B, vitamin C and E and beta-carotene. It is supposed to increases elasticity and density of the epidermis. Prevents skin flabbiness and actively strengthens its’ structure.

I will be introducing you 3 products in this range

1. Ziaja Marine Algae and spa micellar cleansing water
2. Ziaja Marine Algae and spa shower gel with Algae
3. Ziaja Marine Algae and spa deep moisturizing cream

(1) Ziaja Marine Algae and spa micellar cleansing water

Ziaja Marine Algae and spa micellar cleansing water acts like both a makeup remover of the excess sebum from your skin epidermis and a toner. This product contains provitamin B5 (d-panthenol), hydro-retinol, laminaria digitata, enteromorpha compressa, and is fragrance free. It prevents dehydration of the skin and soothes irritations.

Apply on face and neck using a cotton pad in the morning and evening. This product has a non-rinse formula hence it is great for a busy working executive like me.

My thoughts
I love the convenience of a non rinse make-up remover. On weeknights when I have to rush for classes, I would use this and the moisturizer and off i am to class. As this is fragrance free, I don't have to worry about irritation to my skin. It is good to remove basic make up, even for eyeliners they are able to work well.

I would like to give it 4/5 sunflowers for its effectiveness on removing makeup, non-stickiness on the skin, light scented and gentleness of the lotion on my skin. It works pretty well in clearing the skin's oil as well. My face feels cleaner and fresher after application of this toner.

(2) Ziaja Marine Algae and spa shower gel with Algae

The Ziaja Marine Algae spa shower gel with algae is suitable for all skin types. It reminded me of a childhood body foam which is also light blue in color. This shower gel aims at moisturizing your skin, softening it and preventing your skin from dehydration.

Just like any other shower gel, lather, apply and rinse it off your skin. This shower gel is suitable for all skin types.

This product contains hydro-retinol, laminaria digitata, enteromorpha compressa.

My thoughts:
I like the texture of the shower gel as it is light in texture, easy to lather and does not give you an oily texture after rinse. I did not find it extra moisturizing on the skin either, after usage. However, its simplicity in ingredients makes it gentle and not too harsh on the skin. I like this shower gel. I would like to award it 3.5 sunflowers.

(3) Ziaja Marine Algae and spa deep moisturizing cream

It aims to deeply penetrate to your skin epidermis and provide it with a lasting moisture. Suitable for use as a make-up base. Ziaja Marine Algae deep moisturizing cream contains provitamin B5 (d-panthenol), canola oil, hydro-retinol, laminaria digitata, enteromorpha compressa.

It revitalizes the lipo-structure of the epidermis and provides elasticity of the skin. It also aims to protect your skin from premature aging. You need not worry about using this product as it is hypoallergenic product tested on problematic skin under dermatological control.

Even a sensitive skin like mine works fine when using this product. My favorite part, it contains UV filters which protects the skin against harmful sun rays and photo-aging. That is so important to me.

Apply cream over the skin and smooth it over with a delicate patting motion.

My thoughts
The Ziaja Marine Algae and spa deep moisturizing cream is gentle enough for sensitive skin and has a mild fragrance. On application, it does not feel too oily. It will not leave me with white patches and it did not leave my skin breaking out. I love how Ziaja products has mild fragrance and makes their products suitable even for sensitive skin.

I would like to give it 4/5 sunflowers for its overall performance. So good, great smelling, gentle to the skin and make my face silky smooth after application. Use it as a make-up base to allow smooth application of your foundation.

Thanks for reading! Do check out Ziaja facebook page for their promotion, contest and on-going activities.


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