Personal Post: And finally.... one quick post.


2013 has been a year of opportunities and the discovery of a new dream. It has always been my dream to be a boss and own my business. I started an online blogsite to sell accessories and T-Shirts some years back just to gain some experience and indeed it helped me so much. The art of business is something worth pursuing for and the experience counts! Let me know if you need anything from here, prices are negotiable. Today i am maintaining the goods on a slower pace as I have a bigger dream.

I wanted to start another business! There are some "dreamy plans" in mind, but nothing solid yet. A few customers and definitely growing strong! Slowly and steadily. Some of you may already know about it, some may vaguely know it. Wait for my news!

Lesser travels this year. A major sacrifice for me. Sobs...more time needed for training, hence less time for personal travels and quarantined in home country.

What about blogging? I will continue to blog, continue to try new products, write reviews and share my views. I may see lesser chances to attend events and try out new food due to time needed to pursue my new dream but I'll try my best and manage my time. I'll still be around to talk to you! Don't forget me. I'll update you my progress on my facebook and my blog here. Continue to support me!

An exciting 2014 awaits me as we break the 30,000 viewership mark on the blog and go for 300 fan likes on facebook! Do help me achieve this little goal. I hope it'll be an exciting year for you too! Chase your dream, do big things and shine on!

P/s: All images are taken off googleimage and I do not own any of them.

Be Confident, Be yourself.

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