Beauty Service: An evening spend at Tang Dynasty Wellness Spa, The Royal Treatment You Deserve (Sponsored)


In this modern society, we often get so busy that we neglect our health. Do you often feel ache and pains on your body? What you need most is a body massage like me! When Street Directory offered me a chance to take on either a body massage or foot massage, I knew immediately I needed a body massage. With all those sitting in the office, bending my body and stress level building up, this was exactly what I needed the most.

They are opened 24-hours, so fear not if you decide to patronize them in the middle of the night, while you are shopping around the area.

So I was invited to Tang Dynasty. Part of me was wondering, isn't this place a tourist attraction? I thought they had closed down for quite sometime back? Well, I was in fact half correct thou I mistaken this for the one near Chinese Garden. This massage place is frequent by many tourist.

This is the place I was referring to. I was kind of unhappy with them telling me that there was no reservation made for me initially as I had rushed down after a last-minute farewell for my boss. Luckily they managed to resolve it after me making some calls to check.

The oriental steps that lead me up to Tang Dynasty Wellness Spa.

The front desk, counter area where their staff greeted me. They had very relaxing lightnings which put my mind to ease the moment I stepped in. I thought it was also very clever to use dividers to separate different areas and the whole place looks like a mini palace in the olden days.

I was ushered to this area and given a cup of hot tea while I wait for my masseur to get ready a room to begin my massage. This area was also where they will be doing your foot massage. Your partner can also wait here while you get your massage done. They have some programs on the television, so it wouldn't be too boring waiting for you. My husband commented that the staff even asked if he needed a blanket. Now I think they deserve some credit for asking.

This is where I laid on to have my massage done. Only towels and disposable panty is provided. So you can change into them and get ready for your masseur.

I have chosen an oriental massage which is suppose to cost me $60 for 60 minutes. There are also other services, like foot reflexology, Ba Guan, Gua Sha, Ear Candling and Ear Cleaning services, which you can check out their services and pricing here.

No, you are not getting photographs of me laying naked on this bed for the massage. But do read on to find out more about this royal treatment place.

In case you are wondering, yes they do have shower facilities in the room but the advise of the masseur is that you should not shower within 2 hours after your massage is done. This is because the blood circulation is still taking place and there's massage oil on your skin that you want your skin to absorb. The Chinese also believe that this will lead to rheumatism "Feng Shi".

The skill of the masseur was relatively good, she was experienced and she did not cause any "blue black" or inflict any wounds on me like how some inexperienced masseur would. She would check with me if it was too painful for me to take it and she knew where all my "knots" were. She would then try to relief the tensions there, warning me that it will be painful so I must bear with it.

Overall I am delighted with both the service by the masseur and the environment. It is no wonder they were awarded with the 2013 Singapore Excellence Award. Do give them a try if you are looking for massage services!

Tang Dynasty

786A North Bridge Road Singapore 198754
Tel: 66866466


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