Beauty Service Review: ReFirme Facial with my all time favourite EHA Clinic (Sponsored)


After a week of work, I finally found time to be pampered by the beauticians at EHA Clinic. I just love how prompt they are in their services, never having you to worry about waiting for too long or feeling intimidated by their hard selling and stuff. The beauticians would also call you the day before your appointment to remind you.

I am back at EHA Clinic by Dr Elias Tam to try the EHA ReFirme facial. I had Winnie to attend to my needs. As this was not the first time I was being attended by her, it does brings familiarity and I was at ease when with her. Her massage skills are superb and this time round I fell asleep immediately after she put on the mask for me.

I was there to experience EHA ReFirme, a skin lifting and collagen producing facial which makes use of something like an IPL. Don't worry as this is painless. Winnie is very skillful, so even though you get the "light stinging effect", it is really minimal.

EHA ReFirme facial will take you about 2 hours and it will cost you $368SGD for a session. (Comes with a heavy price tag, which makes me understood how blessed I am).

The usual facial procedures of make-up removal, exfoliation, cleansing of face and cold facial steaming to open up your facial pores are included in this
EHA ReFirme facial session.

Winnie then continued with the Aqua ST treatment which I had previously experienced before so it wasn't new to me. This treatment is customized to your skin condition where she will put the suitable solutions into the machine to cleanse and hydrate your skin.

The nozzle from the machine that releases the solution as well as sucking in the dirt from your skin. It feels like a "wet" vacuum cleaner.

Look at the dirty water that was being sucked out from my skin!

Next comes the star of the show, the ReFirme ST machine.

EHA ReFirme

The unique combination of simultaneous bi-polar radio frequency and light energies of
elōs technology generates the precise amount of heat in the dermal tissue within the
targeted treatment area.

By using these dual energies, EHA ReFirme is able to stimulate collagen production and
produces a firming effect on the skin more effectively than using them separately.

My eyes are protected with these little pair of black goggles after the cooling gel is applied to my face. Winnie is very meticulous as she'll always warn me about what I will be feeling, especially since during the
EHA ReFirme facial, my eyes would be closed most of the time. She will tell me its going to be cold, or a little prickly etc.

Take a look at what she will be using on me next, up close.

That's me feeling super relaxed in Winnie's hands with the white hand held machine to
introduce collagen into my skin.

By the time she place the face mask on me, i was totally relaxed and having a good rest. After my rest, she applied all the usual and necessary EHA skin products on me. I love all of them :)

I had a very relaxing
facial with Winnie. The effective ReFirme Facial had effectively lightened my skin tone and tightened my sagging face muscles through the combination of IPL and RF simultaneously. My face still feels smooth 2 weeks after the EHA ReFirme facial.

Here is a photo of me without make-up taken after the
EHA ReFirme facial. My face did looked a little smaller and less "round" because of the toning and lifting effect from the ReFirme facial. I noticed that even my acne scars have faded a little. Even after 2 weeks, I could still feel my face has not lost the firmness and still feels silky smooth. I believe that by going for this EHA ReFirme facial regularly (once a month), it will enhance your appearance and make you feel more confident about yourself and the way you look.

Do advise the beauticians who are attending to you of your skin allergies or sensitivity, in case the
EHA ReFirme facial may not be suitable for you or that they need to prescribe a lighter dosage of products. Don't be shy, after all you are paying for their good service.

ReFirme Facial bring you the following advantages:

- Wrinkle and fine lines are reduced
- Face is lifted
- Skin becomes smoother,more luminous and toned
- Skin is fairer
- Fade dark pigments and freckles
- Shrinks pore size
- Heals acne scars

Call EHA now to make an appointment to experience ReFirme Facial for yourself today! Uplift your face, lighten your skin tone and tighten your skin muscles. Enjoy nothing but a sensational ReFirme Facial with EHA.

Check out other facials that I've done with EHA, like the Medi Facial and Oxy Oasis Therapy Medi facial here, they are brilliant too.

As always, thank you EHA Clinic & thank you Winnie... how I miss her massage now. :)



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Shaw Centre,
228208 Singapore.

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