I love being a Blogger


Blogging provides me with a platform to share my views, record my findings and make new friends who thinks alike. It brings me to new places, find me new dreams and makes me step out of my comfort zone. Blogging also makes me see pictures at a whole new level. Life is never the same anymore.

I used to wonder, why some people climb up on chairs, move plates on the dining table and make a big fuss just before their meal in order to take a picture. Now, I am a victim myself.

To be a good food blogger, you need to do justice to the dish by taking a good picture using a decent camera and describing the taste, looks and texture of the dish.

I used to wonder why some people would splurge on the latest make-up and skincare products just so that they can share it first hand on their instagram.

Now, I am one of them. This is where we as a blogger would appreciate it when a sponsor approaches and send you their highly raved products or offer you their latest service to try.

I love being a blogger because I get to be the first few in the market to try out the latest product which had yet to be launched and share it with my readers.

I am thankful to have met The Influencer Network (TIN) as they have provided me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and for the very first time meet other fellow bloggers, and attended my first food tasting. Read my review here.

Because of The Influencer Network(TIN) I was also able to have my very first sponsored manicure where I experienced how it was like to be pampered like a princess.
Read my review here.

Don't mistaken me. I am definitely not complaining. I call this growing up, finding my passion and living my blogger dream. I have since gained some valuable readers and followers who recognize me for my efforts.

Being a responsible blogger means being prompt in your postings, taking decent shots, promoting the truth to your readers in clear and concise English, and not tarnishing the reputation of yourself and others. To achieve that, you need hard work, passion and the aspiration to become a better blogger. Perseverance pays, so don't expect instant results.

I love being a blogger and I certainly hope you will enjoy reading every single piece of my review. It is never easy and it take time and effort to become a prominent blogger. I hope to get the chance to embark in this journey and that you will continue to support me. Passion will take me where I want to go, no doubt i do not know who is reading this piece of work.

Think not of the rewards but the journey and the process of getting there. Remember those who helped you along the way. I hope to be a positive influence to those who are thinking of starting a blog and continue to inspire you with my humble journey.


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