Beauty Product Review: Honey, it shrunk my pores. GoodSkin Labs Pore 365 All Over Pore Reducing Serum


I do hear many ladies complaining of enlarged pore size over the last few years. Although I am considered fortunate to be one that does not face much of the enlarged pore issue, I cannot guarantee that it will still stay the same as I age. I am however plagued by pigmentation, freckles and some occasional acne outbreaks and a super duper sensitive skin if you haven't known by now.

So...what causes an enlarged pore?
Our skin goes through a natural shedding process called desquamation until we reach our 30s. Our pores have to expand to accommodate these excess dead skin, oils and debris that sits on its surface, and gets trapped in the enlarged pores.

When we are young, our skin sheds these excess build up easily so we do not encounter clogged or enlarged pores but from age 30 onwards, this renewal process slows down with the shedding process gradually. The usage of foundation and make up will worsen this situation.

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Having said that, like pigmentation issues, some people inherit it in their genes. We are not going to give up just yet. There are some products and treatments in the market that helps you reduce your pore size if you care to read on.

Pore-365 All Over Pore Reducing Serum by GoodSkin Labs is one of them and I am going to introduce it to you.

What is it?
Pore-365 All Over Pore Reducing Serum aims to shrink your pore size instantly and over time create a flawless and even-looking appearance. It can be applied before your make-up or by itself to look natural and matte. You can apply with Z-Pore as a quick fix for pore-mattifying (I cannot comment much on this product as I have not tried it before)

Create flawless, youthful-looking skin by reducing pore visibility over time.
This product claims to reduce your pore size instantly by 30% and further reduce your pore size to 63% after 4 weeks of usage and it claims a further reduction of blackheads by 42%.

When to use it?
Apply it twice a day, in the morning and night after thoroughly cleansing your face and neck and before you apply your regular moisturizer.

Oily texture, pearly sheen. Leaves no overcast on the skin after applying serum.

Where to get it?
It is available at all SaSa Outlets.
Do like SaSa Sg Facebook page to have a look at all their beauty products that are available and to follow them on their latest product updates, giveaways and more.

How much is it?


Any samples available?

Redeem a free sample via Sample Store.

My Thoughts:

I find this product a little oily to my liking and I feel that I would like it better if it incorporates some floral scent into it, minus the sweet scent. Like the facial firming serum, it has a similar strong smell which faded away but shouldn't pose an issue since I will be using my other moisturizer after applying this serum. As it is already quite oily, I would recommend a small amount and a lighter moisturizer.

I would not be able to justify the reduction in pore size as I have no instrument to test my skin upon usage and I do not have ultra enlarged pores in the first place. I do however, find that this is a pleasant to use and handy to carry along product.

Thanks for reading!
Till then....pores out!


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