Beauty Products Review: IDS product is my staple beauty regime


Whenever your products are no longer working, you need to visit the clinic for a follow up and review your skin. I constantly visit IDS Clinic and my favorite skin doctor Dr Tan would check with me how I am doing. I am still on the same set of my IDS products since May and its almost coming to the 4th month. I am hoping my face would stable down so that we can get rid of the freckles soon!

Sometime back during the follow up review, Dr Tan swapped my OM to UM as my nose was peeling badly and then the results were amazing. Whenever there are bad days for my nose, I would still fall back on my steroid cream, alternating between that and my tub of calming cream. As we all know how strong steroid creams are, Dr Tan is a firm believer that we should not rely too strongly on them.

I used the OM on my neck and UM on my face because I didn't want to waste the OM. They don't come cheap you know! (But i assure you they are the best thing that ever happened to me.... I mean IDS products).

Just let the photos walk you through my IDS skincare journey! No Photoshop, no make-up i promise! Absolutely nothing on my face (except IDS skincare products). I don't even mask as often as I used to now due to my sensitive skin conditions and afraid that I'll get another red nose outbreak.

Sometimes I still get the sensitive red nose, but its getting much better and even if they reoccur, they are in a much controllable condition.

I will tell you how important it is that a face is important to a beauty blogger. Imagine a beauty product post without the blogger in it and how nasty it feels as much as you wanted to be in them? Imagine attending a beauty event and getting comments like, "Oh what happened to you? Just had a breakout or ate something wrong? Why you look so Cui?" (meaning tired) You never sleep is it? Those times I just want to find a hole and hide myself into.

As a beauty blogger, we try on tons of beauty products so frequently. Think about those you see on the blog, and those not. Not all products work for us and not every product works like magic on our skin. Off the shelve products are often the culprit because we use something we "think" works for us.

Sometimes using the wrong product can really freak you or your skin out. If you are looking for a staple product and you want good skin like me (now), I think you should seriously consider IDS Clinic. Just look at my face now! Its glowing and its beaming with joy with the very set of customized products (according to my skin conditions). They work very well and they have yet to fail me.

Ranking my favorite 3 products, coincidentally also according to how much is left.
C Plus, S2 Non-tinted Sunscreen and last but not least T1 Purifying Toner.

Looking at how much make-up remover (C3 Cleansing gel) is left as compared to my C2 (cleanser) also tells you how much less make up I am applying on my skin now.

While C+ really works on lightening my skin tone and pigmentation, it controlled my pimple outbreak really well. S2 is great for daily usage just before heading out to fight the UV rays, because this is non-tinted its great for sensitive skin. As for the T1 Purifying Toner, it smells really great. Whoever said that you shouldn't be using a toner when your skin is oily, you have sensitive skin and that using a toner gives you break outs, bust that myth!

Do you seriously still think they are expensive when there are still so much left over after almost 3 months of usage, both day and night? A dollar spend is a dollar worth! There's no going back to counter products after IDS. I am looking forward to my next review now. Bye Bye Pigmentation please?


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