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Dear readers, you may have read from my previous blog post about my experience in Immortelle Atelier, if not you can read here. So i was invited back for a facial because my face was not ready the previous time due to some sensitive issues.

Back to the familar Immortelle Atelier salon for my facial. They are located in United Square Shopping Mall, Level 2. Beside Toys'R'us.

Previously i was using the other room, I kind of prefer this room as I find it slightly bigger and spacious.

The comfy bed was ready and a "bathrobe" was prepared for me to change into. Pardon for the lack of photos showing you the facial process as it was quite inconvenient for my facial spa therapist to be taking photographs and doing treatment for me at the same time. Let me tell you the process briefly.

This time, I was treated to a Maria Galland Cocoon Mask Treatment, lasting about 120 minutes, for SGD $128.

facial spa therapist used some lavender essential oil and did a face and neck massage for me, then she cleansed my face and begain my facial. During this process, my eyebrows were also trimmed neat, pimples extracted (without face steaming). I was then treated to the Cocoon mask.

The uniqueness about the Cocoon mask treatment is that it combines an effleurage and therapeutic massage, where you could immediately compare both sides of your face. It feels firmer and less saggy as compared to before the massage was done. This massage stimulate metabolism and fight against the harmful effects of stress.
A 2 layered mask was applied on me
, on the top part is a slightly heated mask and applied on the bottom was a cooling mask. This is the first time I experienced a "double masking" effect. It feels very comfortable on my skin. the Cocoon mask is suitable for all skin types, even for people with sensitive skin like me (tested and proven). 

Benefits of Cocoon mask includes:

  • Renews skin, improves resilience.
  • Relaxes the face while firming up the connective tissue.
  • Smoothens and moisturizes the skin

Most of the products that the
facial spa therapist used on me were from Maria Galland  hydration range and it was my first encounter with this brand. The products are mostly floral based, so they smell exceptionally good.

The Maria Galland 63 cleansing cream which has a rather thick texture.

The Maria Galland 98 Intense action hydrating serum  which my skin loved.

The most interesting product used in the facial was this Maria Galland Warming effect foam mask which feels like whip cream but holds and last "forever". It doesn't collapse or oxidize in the air when applied on my face. I love the slight warming effect.

Various other products were applied on me including the rich and thick toner which my thirsty skin absorbed in a super fast speed.

I had a very relaxing massage and facial.

Check out the latest Jyunka Extreme Hydrant Serum. I totally loved the texture and it absorbed into my skin super fast.

I was also thankful that my facial spa therapist applied some Jyunka tinted sunscreen on me before I head back home. I have yet to try the sunscreen until that day and I loved the product as it blends nicely with my skin tone.

Check out my fresh face after the Maria Galland Cocoon mask treatment. I took this photo the moment I got home and I think my skin looked brillant.

You should really try the treatment yourself because the results were so amazing!

Immortelle Atelier

101 Thomson Road,
#02-08B United Square Shopping Mall
(Nearest MRT: Novena Mrt)

Tel. 62599001

Till next time,

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