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I am sure by now most of you have heard of beauty boxes. There are several brands in the markets which are offering you a box full of goodies monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly.

While some brands allows you to select the products which you like, other brands market them as a "surprise" box, where they will carefully curate the products according to your skin profile.

Today I am going to share with you more about such subscription services and be showing you one of the beauty boxes that I am currently onboard with.

* Information on table is based on my own research (Sep 2014), information may not be 100% accurate and subjected to changes by the service provider. Check out the respective services before you make any decision.

So I finally received a glamabox for the month of September for review, delivered right to my door step. I missed this kind of feeling, so personalized. They delivered on time as they promise.

Check out the products and brands, some of which are not available in Singapore.

My box full of goodies. Brands and items included in my box are mostly deluxed sized, if not in sachets. A total of 8 brands included. So, when I read 4-5 items in their website. I feel they have exceeded my expectation and over delivered on their promise. *Thumbs Up*

The products in September's Love Your Body glamabox includes:

-All Belle - Oxy - Fibre Fasle Eyelash + Nail Air Patch Stickers
-Olive Oil Skin Care Company - Handmade Pure Castile Body Wash (Unsecented)
-Exsicata Hydrating Anti-Aging Night Cream
-LSP Moisture Shampoo + Moisture Conditioner
-Dermal Rose Collagen Essence Mask
-Re:cipe Lemon Slowganic Cleanser
-Enita Lemongrass series
-Seabamed - Viso Active Hydro Gel

Let me go over the items with you and some of my experiences.

Re:cipe Lemon Slowganic Cleanser - $71.80 for 100g

I was given 10g of Lemon Slowganic Cleanser (face cleanser), where 98% of it is made from natural ingredients. There is greentea, 7 kinds of supreme essential oil, 12 kinds of plants and fresh cream in it.

What is interesting to me is that this little container of face cleanser is very nicely packaged and it can be used both as a face cleanser and as a mask. As it is made from natural ingrediants, users with sensitive skin can use this at ease. Take a look at the texture of the product, looks like some egg mousse. It is very light in texture and goes off easily when washed, leaving you with a faint refreshing lemon scent.

Enita Lemongrass series (2 in 1 shower lotion 40ml + Body Balm 10ml + Bergot Tea and Aloe Sugar Butter Scrub 5ml)

-Lemongrass 2 in 1 shower lotion 300ml $30,
-Lemongrass essential butter 200ml $23,
-Bergot Tea and Aloe Sugar Butter Scrub 190g $24.

The 2 in 1 shower lotion is a gentle and non-drying shower lotion that works with the warm and humidity of your shower for a soft and smooth skin after one use. It contains mild and gentle surfactant to ensure a clean rinse that is non-drying and to give your skin a long-lasting moisture.

The body balm is blended with shea butter and argan oil, which moisturize and replenish the dry and uncomfortable skin.

The Bergot Tea and Aloe Sugar Scrub is enriched with Aloe Leaf Extract, to provide deep hydration and anti-inflammatory protection which helps calm the sensitive skin and repairs damaged cells and stimulates skin regeneration. The aloe leaf extract provides you with whitening and sun protection effects. The butter scrub on the other hand, is a blend of Apricot seed powder, natural sugar crystals, argan oil, olive oil and shea butter. These ingrediants helps to boost blood circulation and smoothes away dead skin cells to keep your skin refined and radiant.

I have tried both products (except the scrub) and they give me a "Spa sensation". I will be bringing these products on my next trip (Hopfully i'll remember to save some). Best to be used at night for a relaxing shower under a warm water rain shower.

Dermal Rose Collagen Essence Mask $2.60 per piece.

This mask contains Rose Water and is effective for moisturizing dry and rough skin, keeping your skin bright and elastic.

Olive Oil Skin Care Company - Handmade Pure Castile Body Wash (Unsecented) , $29.10 for 500ml

Its pure and contains no other additives.

Looks rather watery, I didn't really like the feel of it, and yes it feels rather oily and smells oily too.

Sebamed - Viso Active Hydro Gel $29.80 for 50ml

This product contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to promote cell regeneration. While Allanton and panthenol can smoothen and renew skin. You will see a significant improvement in your skin's moisture content and a significant reduction in skin roughness. Suitable for sensitive skin users.

It has a very light gel-lish texture but it doesn't feels sticky on the skin when applied. I like the gentle floral-like smell when i massaged it into my skin.

Exsicata Hydrating Anti-Aging Night Cream, $161 for 50g

It contains an exclusive formula with plant-derived actives to nourish, smoothen and firm the skin. Contains botanical extracts of Pfaffia Paniculata (Brazilian Ginseng), Caesalphina Spinosa, and Scutellaria Baicalensis to reduce signs of facial ageing.

LSnP Moisture Shampoo + Moisture Conditioner Shampoo $11 for 480ml, Conditioner $11 for 480ml

This product helps to make your hair smoother and shiner. It contains grape seed oil which is highly anti-oxidant and creates a protective case on top of your hair to prevent moisture loss and hair splits.

Tried it and it works for me, love the pleasant smell and smooth texture that it has left on my hair.

All Belle Nail Air Patch Stickers, 12 stickers for $5.40

These patches are easy to use by sticking on your nail, and filing away the excess stickers. There are
over 800 patterns to choose from.

All Belle - Oxy - Fibre Fasle Eyelash, 5 pairs for $17.50

All their lashes are made of virgin synthetic fibre, each pair of eyelashes shows you the perfect curve naturally. Eyelashes are SGA certified and GAMMA Ray sterilized and they do not contain recycled components.

The eye lashes looked very durable and natural and they even included glue in it.

Kudos to the Glamabox team for this amazing and generous box of beauty products.
If you are interested in getting the glamabox/products, find out more about them:


Cheers and stay glamarous!

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  1. Lovely blog you have here. Thought of subscribing to a beauty box too but have not found any that is suitable yet in Malaysia. haha

    1. Thanks JaniceJ, hope you will find one that you love soon ;)

  2. the cleanser looks like ice-cream, but I blv I would love it's texture

    1. Hi aplefish, yes it feels like whipped cream. It doesn't oxidize off though. If you left in on your face as a mask, you'll feel that your face becomes tighter, like a lifting effect. Its cool. ;)


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