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Do you love thai food as much as I do? I am a Thai and Japanese foodie. These 2 cuisine can never go wrong with me.

My husband and I decided to proceed with the food tasting at Para Thai, which is newly opened at One KM Mall. Here i am posing with interesting crack pots as decorations of the restaurants, which I suspect that they use it to store their Tom Yam Soup with.

Beautiful purple menu which reminds me of Thai Airways.

Price: $14.90

The duck meat is very thick, tender and juicy, its skin is crispy and not too fatty. You can taste the basil on the duck meat. This dish is mildly spiced with chilly, although not very well presented and priced slightly on the high side.

Price: $10.90

Crunchy Kailan, nicely flavoured with fine crispy garlic and too little and uneven spread out of Salted Fish in the dish. Didn't even realise that it has salted fish until we almost finished the dish. Nothing too special about it but taste was acceptable.

Price: $10.90

Thick slices of Otak, nicely presented in cups with thick slices of fish and cabbage underneathe the Otak meat. The cabbage doesn't goes with the Otak meat and it tasted a little weird with it. Would be better off without.

Price: $7.90

Would not forget the taste of this overly spicy Tom Yam Soup with plenty of small chilly. Serving was too little for 2 persons to share and presentation was average. Find it a little dissapointing and the soup was not pipping hot when served.

Price: $12.90

One of the better dishes. Rice has raisins, pork floss and cashew nut which goes extremly well with the dish. Its a burst of flavours with different textures. Delicious and must try. Nicely presented with the Cashew nut and salad on the side.

Thai Iced Tea - $4.20

Very nice blend of tea and milk. Delicious and perfect for the taste budds of picky foodies.

Thai Chendol - $5.80

Normal Chendol with too little kidney beans, average in taste, not too sweet. Can try.

Overall the ambience is nice and cozy. Would recomend that you go earlier if you are heading there for dinner as they are extremely packed and the mall is relatively new.


11 Tanjong Katong Road
#02-23 OneKM,
Singapore 437157

Tel: 6749 3134
Opening Hours :
11.30am – 10.00pm

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  1. I'm surprise that there's cabbage in otak! did they accidentally put it in

  2. Do you have that in yours as well?


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