Review: Glamabox -February Box filled with happiness


Hi Everyone, My February glamabox is here! Look at my box filled with happiness!
Filled full of goodies ranging from haircare, facecare to body care.

Spot the brands if you can!

  • Beauty Mate
  • Swiss O. Par
  • Dorissiderm
  • Jayanti
  • Pico Ok
  • Dream Skin
  • Advanced
  • eFresh

eFresh - Perfect Skin Therapy Eye Cream with Green Caviar Extract White Pure Whitening Cream, and White Pure Whitening Essence

Perfect Skin Therapy Eye Cream with Green Caviar Extract:
Moisturize and rejuvenate your eye area. For long-term aging and a smoother and firmer skin.

Pure Whitening Cream:
Gel Cream with Alphine Rose Stem Cells and Soft Spring Water properties. Nourishes and hydrates , clarifying complexion and prevent formation of wrinkles.

White Pure Whitening Essence:
Potent lightening concentrated treatment to reduce dullness and induce skin with inner radiance, helps brighten the skin and banishes wrinkles.

Advanced Illuminating Cleanser, Serum, Moisturiser, Face Lift and eye lift

Used as a set starting with the cleanser, serum, moisturizer, face lift and eye lift for whitening, to reduce wrinkles and moisturiser for the skin.

Dream Skin Pore Clear Snail Whitening Clay Mask

Used to reduce pore and helps whiten your skin.
It has an interesting airy foam like texture.

Pico Ok Booster Mask and White Scale

Boost up cell overnight to strengthen skin and prevents skin deterioration. Helps to brigthen skin and assist with pigmentation issues.

Jayanti Cellulite Cream and recovery serum

Treats water retention,  stretch marks, cellulite and stretch marks, rebalance the body to heal cutaneous blemishes. I particularly liked the way they package their products and their products smells great.

Dorissiderm Radiant Overnight Gel Mask and Molecular Hydration

Moisturizing, soothes inflammation, detoxify and nourishes your skin.

Swiss O Par - Lemon and Orange Hair pillow

Strengthens hair, moisturises and protects the scalp. Used like a hair conditioner. I find it rather interesting that hair conditioners can be packaged this way.

This month is a super busy month for me, so here's just a short review for you.
See you all soon!


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