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Our hands and inner body are of umber importance in our daily life so are our body. We often neglect taking care of our body because they can be easily covered by our clothes. But, how can we neglect our body? Our external appearance is important, so is our internal appearance, our body.

Using the right body shampoo is important but do not neglect the moisturizing factor that is needed to keep our skin in tip-top condition. We have conditioning shampoo, but what about body conditioners? What happens after we step out of the shower? Do we continue to moisturize our skin? Our skin heals best at night during our sleep, so what can we do to keep our skin moisturized while we are asleep? Moisturize your skin, you don't wanna look like the elephant below!

I would hence, like to share with you more about this range of moisturisers that goes beyond hydration and moisturizing with its breakthrough
Hydralucence™ blend. It brings your skin lasting luminosity and a beauiful, envious glow.

About Jergens
Jergens is the Number 1 body lotion brand in USA*. Their range of products transform your skin for a noticably improved look and feel. Their moisturiser in their collection is specially designed to enhance how our skin look and feels and leave us to a total body beautiful.

Each Jergens product is specially formulated to smooth away dryness and brings out the glowing, healthier looking skin, so that we can look our best, radiating our beauty from inside out.

*Source: Nielsen Retail Audit- MAT Nov 2014

About New Jergens body mositurizer with hydralucence blend

Comes in 3 variants to cater to different skin needs.

Daily Moisturizer
Contains silk proteins and citrus
Soothe and repairs dry, rough skin

For visibly smoother skin

Soothing Aloe
Infused with pure, natural extracts, contains cucumber extract and pure Aloe Vera.
For visibly more refreshed skin

Ultra Healing

Sealed with goodness, the Ultra Healing variant contains Vitamin C, E & B5
Repairs and nourish extra dry skin

For visibly healthier skin


- Going beyond basic skin hydration, the Hydralucence™ blend provides a longer lasting hydration.

- Visbly enhanced skin tone, texture and luminosity from the micoscopic serum droplets in the product that forms a shield on the skin, giving it a healthy glow.

-Eliminate dullness and dryness by creating a continuous layer of moisture on your skin to prevent hydration loss.

I have tried all 3 variants and personally favour Ultra Healing moisturizer the most because its moisturizing effect is the most intense. Maybe it is because it is meant for super dry skin. It feels smooth and rich when applied but it doesn't give any oily or sticky effect after application. It feels comfortable having the moisturizer on. My drying/peeling skin feels less drying and the peeling starts healing after just 1 day of application before I head to bed. There is no distinct scent from this moisturizer, it is just pleasant smelling.

I use the body lotion mainly for my hands, leg and neck on those drying and cracking areas where my skin are dry due to prolong contact with water. Now, they are healing, sometimes glowing and gleeming in joy!

The new body moisturizer range comes in 400ml bottle packs, retailing at S$ 8.90 each at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies, and personal care stores. Go grab one or test it out at your nearest personal care stores today.

Be confident, be yourself.

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