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Recently my husband and I made a trip to Malacca (in celebration of our 8 years being together), we went there with the sole purpose to eat and relax since there are not much to do except to visit heritage sites and since it will be a short trip due to work commitments.

Moreover, the famous Jonker Street is going to be closed on week nights. We decided to be more adventurous and walk further to hunt down some eating places.
I will be sharing with you some of the food which we ate in Malacca, which are the hits and misses, and my views on them.

#1: Chicken Rice Ball
Everyone will tell you, eat the chicken rice ball in Malacca, they are famous and delicious. To tell the truth, i didn't had it the previous time when I was there, so I decided that this time round, I die die must eat!

Ho Kee not only serves Chicken Rice Balls, they have it in normal chicken rice form and they serve Asam Fish too. We didn't try any of those as we are saving our tummy for other food. The chicken is quite fresh and juicy with thin layers of fat, though some chicken slices still look a little bloody, most were cooked. They give very generous amount of cucumber too, if you think its insufficient, you may order other vegetable dishes (such as cabbage) to go along with your Chicken Rice. The rice is quite fragrant and not too oily. Overall we like the Chicken Rice here.

Ho Kee Chicken Rice
Address: 468, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

#2: Cendol

While in Malacca, another must eat is the famous dessert, Cendol. This dessert is great for people who have a sweet tooth and it acts as a thirst quencher in the extremely hot weather. They have several versions, such as the Baba, Sayu Gula Melaka & Durian Cendol.

We tried the BaBa Durian Cendol which I initally thought the durian is either a durian puree topping or durian ice-cream. It ended up to be some durian syrup topping which had a unique taste. I liked the sweetness of this dessert and I find that it tasted quite different from the ones we have in Singapore.

Jonker 88
No. 88, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street),75200 Melaka

#3: Nyonya Asam Laksa
If you like some spicy and sourish action, you will like the Asam Laksa which is served with Mee-Tai-Mak, cucumber slices, fried beancurd skin, egg, and fishball etc.

We tried the Asam Laksa from the same store where we ate our Durian Cendol. This sourish dish is very appetitizing especially after you have walked the streets and find yourself perspiring from all the heat and shopping. It helps to enhance your appetite so that you can eat more of the other stuffs later. I like the spicy, sour combination from this dish.

Jonker 88
No. 88, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street),75200 Melaka

#4: Nyonya Food

If dishes like Ayam Ponteh, Sayur Lodeh, Petai Belachan, Loh Bak and Curry Fish resonate with you, then you must really check out this place.

Angle Bean with Belachan (Winged bean)
This is uncommon in Singapore, its crunchy texture make it taste like more of a stem vegetable. I can't really describe the taste of it, you got to try it for yourself.

Sayur Lodeh (Curry Vegetables)
Curry Vegetables bath in a soup of watery curry with generous amounts of cabbage, beancurd and beancurd skin.


Ngoh Hiang
(Prawn Roll)

Nothing very special about the Ngoh Hiang. We ordered this dish to munch.

Ayam Ponteh
Chicken meat with potato in a very nice, savoury and sweet fermented soyabean sauce. The chicken was tender and didn't take us much effort to tear the meat off, the potato was also very soft and easy to eat.

Nyonya Chendol
A must have dessert while you at at Restoran Nyona Makko to end your day sweet. Very refreshing, sweet and the coconut was fragrant. This is much better than the one at Jonker88.

Restoran Nyona Makko
No. 123, Off Jalan Parameswara, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, Melaka

Please note that they are closed on Tuesdays.

#5: Charcoal Pork and Offal Grilled Satay 

I am a Satay fan and I can never say no the these grilled pieces of pork chunks. When i know that they are offering pork satay and there is even pork intestine ones, I couldn't resist the temptation to try for myself.

We ended up ordering 10 sticks of pork satay and 2 stick of pork Intestine satay, they even have pork liver satay but we gave it a miss.

The satay sauce taste light with a light peanut taste and a stronger punch of pineapple zest, unlike those in Singapore which are more peanutty.

Charcoal grilled satay is always the best, you can see chunks of fats in between the pork chunks making them both tender and juicy. They don't taste hard at all.

Lung Ann refreshment
807 Lorong Hang Jebat
Melaka 75200

#6: Popiah

A roll filled with turnip, boiled egg, bean sprounts, beancurd, peanut and pork lard combined with sweet sauce and chilly sauce. I specifically told my husband that I wanted GOOD Popiah. So there we go.. after a long walk.

After reading so many blogpost, doing research and finding the exact location of this store. I am utterly dissapointed. It is nothing sort of nice, over-priced at RM$4 for this roll. There wasn't much crunch despite tasting the pork chunks, the turnip was too chunky, egg was not the hard boiled kind but scrambled and tasteless. There was very little sauce to top it off and I don't know what else to say...

Now i know why they did not allow anyone to take photo of their popiah.. it seriously doesn't taste good at all, it doesn't deserve the title of being the best nor do they deserve the price they are asking for. (I rather have more sticks of satay!)

126 Jalan Bunga Raya, (In front of Madam King's Departmental Store)

75100 Melaka
#7: Mille Crepe 
After all the local delights you might want to go for some coffee and tea to flush all that oily greasy stuff down. Beware as this place always have long queue, so go early if you can.

There are 2 types of Millie Crepe, the alcoholic types and non-alcoholic types.
My husband decided to try the smooth chocolate flavoured Alcoholic Crepe.

While i opt for the refreshing and light mango non-alcoholic Millie Crepe.

Both Mille Crepes were build up on very thinly layered crepe layers, tasty every layer, yes worth every penny we paid for. It was worth the walk and time.

A nice warm delicately crafted cuppa latte for me...too nice that I couldn't bear to drink it.

And chocolate shake for my hubby!

Nadeje Mahkota Parade
G-23B, EG 4 & EG 5, Ground Floor, Mahkota Parade, 

75000 Melaka

#8 Durian Puff 

And finally... despite all that eating I'm sure you can stuff this in. One mouth and be gone!

Filled with durian cream, surprisingly not as strongly durian scented, so those who dare not eat durians should be able to accept. You are supposed to pop everything into your mouth at once, but I chew part of it off, so that I am able to show you the inside. The taste is quite acceptable, though nothing very great. I still prefer my GoodWood Park (Singapore)'s durian ice-cream puff anytime!

We bought a bag of it so we could slowly enjoy on the way back to the hotel. They can pack for you if you wish to bring it back home (Singapore).

They are located near Jonker88, walk straight down the road at the corner stall.
You won't miss it.

We are quite glad we had 7 hits and 1 miss, and we managed to try out most of the nice to eat or must eat while we are there.

Do you have any other nice eating places in Malacca, that you wish to recomend me? Comment below. I might give it a try the next time i head over to Malacca.

Hope you had a good read.

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