Lifestyle Review: Tulipmania 2015 at Gardens By the Bay Flower Dome and Cloud Forest


Have you thought of where to bring your mum this mother's day? How about giving them flowers that they wouldn't reject? Bring them to the Tulip Mania at Gardens by the Bay! Its ending in a few days time by the way.

Anyway, there's really nothing nothing much to not like this place, so take some time to browse through the photographs.

Welcome to Tulip Mania!

We bought 4 tickets, 2 senior tickets for our mums! They are discounted at $7.50 per ticket for both the cloud dome and flower dome! So worth it! Make use of credit card promotions to get more discounts, by the way you need to bring your Singapore citizen identity card, to prove that you are a local so you can get the tickets at resident price too.

This year's Tulip Mania is based on the Fairy Tales theme, but we didn't want to stress ourselves to go in sequence, so we let the creativity flow and take random photographs all round.

Orange Tulips

Snow white and the seven dwarfs

White Tulips

A unique flower by the name of Lingerie

A sea of Tulips of assorted colors

Love these yellow purple tulips!

Pink Tulips for you?

I love these Daisy aside from the Tulips

You can go around and view the cactus as well, they are available throughout the year.

A bird's eye view of the Flower Dome, look at the crowd despite it being on a weekday.

We spend quite a few hours in the Flower Dome, before we proceed to the cloud forest.

Took a Photo with the waterfall

These are something new which we didn't see last year, they are made of Lego bricks. How interesting right?

There's even the Rafflesia!

The whole garden in a miniature effect. Love this photo very much.

Beautiful Orchid

The view of the sky walk. The part i loathe the most, as I am afraid of heights. Surprisingly enough, this was the third time which I've walked in the cloud forest.

The magnificent super tree ! You can buy tickets for the OCBC Skyway walk too. We didn't do that but we did stayed and watched the Rhapsody lights show which was aired at about 7.45pm. There's another one at 8.45pm just in case you are interested.

Check out the official website at Gardens By the Bay if you are interested.

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive Singapore 018953
Tel: (+65) 6420 6848

Hope you have a nice read and loved the photos.


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