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Heard of the legendary rose oil from Bulgarska Rose? If you are a fan of rose like me, you're probably gonna like these 2 products which I am going to introduce to you.

For more than 65 years Bulgarian Rose – Karlovo has been producing Bulgarian rose oil and rose water in its own distillery. Bulgarian rose oil is the most expensive and most valuable world-wide demanded essential oil due to its fragrance,tranquility and purity. Rose oil and rose water are unique natural ingredients, included in all products of the Rose cosmetic series.

Rose oil contains over 200 precious substances that have a miraculous effect on human body and make it an irreplaceable elixir in cosmetics. With its strong anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antibacterial effect Bulgarian rose oil and rose water are ideal
agents for skin cleansing, toning, moisturizing.

They maintain the hydro lipid balance of the skin, stimulate the regeneration of
damaged and aging tissues, soothe and remove inflammation, possess antioxidant activity, delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

The twelve cosmetic gifts of the Rose series will bathe you with the
divine fragrance of Rosa Damascena, which brought a worldwide fame and became a symbol of Bulgaria. With a gentle and enchanting fragrance rose oil, it has a powerful aroma therapeutic influence on the human body as it removes nervous tension, a strong aphrodisiac and antidepressant.

I am overjoyed when i know that the Rose cosmetic series is universal and suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive skin like mine.

The Rose Hand Cream & Rose Joghurt Body Butter

First up, the Rose Hand Cream with natural rose oil and Vitamin F. (50ml)
This hand cream is made of natural rose oil, natural rose water, silicone oil and vitamin F.

It has a nourishing, softening and regenerating effect. Protect you hands and skin against the harmful weather influences. Sooth skin inflammation of the epidermis, helps accelerate cell regeneration and prevents your skin from losing moisture. It is also against aggressive external factors and gives your hands the softness and elasticity which it needs.

I love the texture of this rose hand cream and the
powerful aroma therapeutic influence it has on me when I applied them generously all over my hands. The squeeze tube made it easy to be carried around and saves me the hassle by allowing me to gently squeeze and apply them directly on my hands. It does not feel greasy at all.

The flip side of this hand cream however, are the ingredient list. I spotted Phenoxyethanol, Propylparaben, Methylparaben and silicon oil in this small tube of hand cream. These ingredients are generally preservatives used to prolong the life of skincare products. They are safe for use but some people with sensitive skin may face issues with them, so exercise caution and do your patch test.

Next up!

The Rose Joghurt cosmetic series of Bulgarska Rosa PLC – Karlovo is an exquisite complex care to retain skin youth, health and beauty. Its composition combines two natural elixirs, unique in the world. Similar to the
Rose cosmetic series, it contains 100% original Bulgarian rose oil, and in addition, it contains Bulgarian yoghurt and certified organic origin ingredients.

The Rose Joghurt cosmetic products are safe, useful and effective. They gently
and effectively protect and improve the functions of the skin, intensively regenerate the cells, recover their hydro balance, nourish in depth and give the skin a fresh look with a youthful appearance. 

The series offers exceptional tolerance in the effect on the skin and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The Rose Joghurt cosmetic products bring emotional pleasure, visible results and a long lasting effect.

Rose Joghurt, BODY BUTTER (220 ml) contains natural rose oil, natural rose water, yoghurt, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vitamins A and E.

It nourishes the skin and protects it from everyday harmful environmental effects. Giving it a smooth and velvety softness.

Look at the smooth and velvety rich cream.

This body cream is much thicker and creamier compared to the Rose hand cream since it is meant to be applied on the body. When I am lazy, i will apply this on both my hands and body and foot, like a foot butter. I would suggest applying this immediately after a shower, this is the best time for your skin, as your pores open up, ready to absorb any products you put on them.

You can also use them as a massage cream over your body just before heading to bed. Try wrapping your feet after applying the butter for a smooth and well nourished feet the following day.

Ingredients in this products are more nourishing and generally better for skin compared to the hand cream.

Overall these 2 products are lovely, many thanks for sending them over for my trial.

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