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Thanks to Noreva that I get to try out these wonderful hot selling products.

Noreva Universal Cleansing Gel

This is  "soap-free" soap, otherwise called a syndet which comes in a creamy foam. It is easy to rinse off, eliminates all your skin impurities, and stops your skin from drying out easily. The cleansing gel is suitable for all types of skin, even sensitive or combination skin types. As it is delicately fragranced, it's scent does not overpower you.

This product is even suitable for children use as it is Phenoxyethanol, paraben and colorant free. Thumbs up!

The gel is clear and foams up easily, releasing a gentle powdery scent that seems familiar. It lifts up any impurities on your face, including your waterproof make-up. I love it because it does not strip my skin's natural oil off and feels very gentle on my skin. I have no issues using it even thou I have very sensitive skin. It doesn't irritate my skin.

All gel are hygienically sealed.

Next up!

Universelle Micellar Cleansing Lotion

This cleansing lotion in a milky form comes in a 500ml bottle, which estimates up to 5 months use. My favourite part about this product is that if you are feeling lazy, this is a non-rinse solution which can allow you to go to bed quickly. It removes all type of make-up, even the waterproof.

It is suitable on all types of skin, bonus point goes to this lotion because it is paraben, fragrance, detergent, soap, alcohol, solvent and surfactant free. It is non comedogenic as well.

I love the idea of this safety cap on top of the twist and lock pump. It secures my bottle properly so that I do not accidentally dispense the cleansing lotion.

Milk based cleansers and make-up removers appeals to me a lot as they are more moisturizing, especially if they come in non-rinse formulas. Suitable for all lazy people as well.

I have removed the make up on one side of my face (picture left), look at my cotton wool filled with my Actipur Creme Anti-Imperfections, my eye liner, eye shadow, lip stick and loose powder. All make-up is off my face but my face feels moisturized with the milk lotion. It doesn't feel oily at all.

Acti-Pur Creme Anti-Imperfections in light tinted formula

This is a purifying, corrective and masking cream, working like your usual BB Cream. It comes in the light and golden shade.

Look at how the cream blends naturally with my skin. It doesn't look too dark at all and it last for a full day without having to touch up at all. It also have the ability to absorb the oils on my face so my face does not feel oily.

Exfoliac  Facial Scrub

This is an in-depth cleansing agent with polyethylene beads and glycerin double action scrub. The beads exfoliate gently to remove your dead skin and impurities. Your skin is smoothen due to the AHA. Use in the morning and evening over damped skin 2-3 times a week instead of your usual cleanser.

Product is suitable for use on your face, chest and even your back.

As someone with sensitive skin, I was often advised to avoid the use of scrub. This scrub however, feels very gentle and pleasant to my skin. Its beads are gentler than a sugar crystal and I did not feel the roughness at all. My skin feels smooth and refreshed after every use.

I love the scrub and have incorporated it into my weekly cleansing routine. The blue crystals are also very refreshing to the eyes and I do feel safe enough to put it to frequent use.

Sometimes, I would use this scrub like a "face spa" to relief all the stress I have after a whole day out and remove all my dead skin cells. I always feel refreshed after every use.

Try these products to witness for yourself their effectiveness!

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Cheers to a cleansed skin,

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  1. Thank you so much! :D I was looking for some reviews before buying Noreva products. This was very helpful!


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