Review: My Hydrabrasion Facial experience with GLOMAX Aesthetics


Thanks to the invitation from GLOMAX Aesthetics, I get the opportunity to experience a homely facial, somewhere where I wouldn't imagine myself going, due to its location.

After struggling for awhile to locate the address, I finally found my way to GLOMAX Aesthetics. Most of their facials are by appointments due to the strict security at the building.

I can never imagine a facial salon to be hiding in this building.

After settling myself down with my beautician Yvonne, she did a skin consultation with me and check my skin before she proposed a suitable treatment for my face. Through her, I also found that people with asthma issues are more likely to develop dark eye circles. This could be due to lack of rest? No scientific evidence but 8 out of 10 of her customers have the same issue.

Took some photographs of my face before the facial and treatment commenced. I only used lipstick, basic skincare and sunscreen. I did not apply any foundation on my skin. So, this is my natural skin under the salon's lighting. 

Yvonne settled me down in my facial room and proceeded with the facial treatment.

I was recommended with the Microdermabrasion & Hyaluronic Acid Therapy. This treatment is also known as the Hydrabrasion Facial. This treatment promise to give me a clear, crystal skin.

Using an upgraded microdermabrasion that vacuums and washes the skin simultaneously so every pore of my skin is deeply cleaned and decongested. My skin is exfoliated with the diamond microdermabrasion that vacuums out the dirt, combines with an irrigation system that washes out dirt in the pores at one go. No extraction is needed, how convenient.

To maximize the softness and radiance of my delicate skin, the upgraded microdermabrasion wand uses hyaluronic acid at high speed to hydrate and plump up the skin at every pore. My skin feels cooling and clean during the exfoliation process. The whole process is painless and this treatment is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin like mine (tested & proven).

The results last for weeks.

The Hydrabrasion Facial last for 45 minutes and cost $120, read on to find out how you can pay only $68 for this facial.

Benefits: Smooth skin, anti-aging, pore-clearing, skin tightening, plumping effect.

Like most facials, the first step was to remove all the skincare and make-up from the customer's face. She then proceeded with the skin treatment, pimple extraction and offered to touch up my brows before applying a mask to my face.

You can see the glow and radiance from my face almost immediately during the facial and I could feel my face plumped up with moisture. My skin is always thirsty, I don't know why?

Like most facials nowadays, there was no steaming done before pimple extraction. It was really painful as she extracted the bigger pimples and my chin areas. You can see the redness from my face.

Yvonne was very friendly, chatting with me, putting me at ease and making me feel at home. She checked with me throughout to ensure that I was enduring the pain well, and let me know when she had to leave the room. It was a very pleasant facial experience.

This is the room that I had my facial in. Decently sized and with proper doors, but you still can hear people chatting next door.

Don't be little this small little "home-styled" salon, they have won multiple awards for their facial.

 Best Lifting Facial - Eternal Lifting Treatment awarded by Women's Weekly in 2013

Best Pre-Party Prep Facial - Luminous Detox Energie Care by Women's Weekly in 2014

Best Anti-Acne Facial by SimplyHer in 2014

The most recent award, Perfect Remodelling Eye Treatment by Women's Weekly.

I would recommend this place to my readers because the environment is cozy, the beautician is knowledgeable and friendly. GLOMAX will also do a consultation for you before they recommend you with any facial that is suitable, so you won't end up wasting your money for something that you probably would not require. 

Look at my glowing face 2 weeks post facial.

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Make an appointment and try out their facials for yourself today!

12 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, Soho2
#06-168 Singapore 059819



T: (65) 6225-5193
SMS: 9459-0795

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  1. That looked like it worked so well, i hope you can share more in the future cause I would love to hear about the long term effects of the products. My husband has treated me to a spa and I think I will also be doing a facial mask, will share more about it in the future, thank you again.

    Maureen Fleming @ Nirit Reani


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