Product Review: Glamabox August, Enjoy Summer Time!


Hi Everyone!

I am back again with Glamabox reviews! I have missed the previous month's (July) box so I am pretty glad to be receiving the August's one, although only in September and now September is gonna be over soon with me questioning where is the September's box?

Oh well, logistics aside I am so glad that they are sending me decent sized and interesting products again.

There are many familiar brands in my August box which I have previously received from and some new ones by now. I have been with Glamabox with almost a year by now and I am so glad that they are constantly bringing in new products for us to try.

Spotted in the box are a total of 8 items :

Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Foundation
Caviar Extract Anti-Aging Essence 
Hydrating Anti-aging Night Cream & Terpsichore brightening and Revitalizing Hair Balm 
Fresh Line Poseidon Body Milk 
JHB - Nano Pearl Powder Bio-Cell Mask 
Joseristine - Verbena Shower Gel  & Pionin Anti-Acne Deep Cleansing Gel 
Swiss O PAR - Passion Fruit and Blossom Honey Hair Pillow 
Victorial - Lanolin Eggwhite Facial Soap

JHB Pearl Powder Bio-Cell Mask
It uses nano technology to process 100% natural pearls into a powder that is four times finer than human pores so that it can penetrate into the skin directly. It is meant for whitening and combating an aging skin.

Tips: You may have heard of this a thousand times already, put the mask sheet into the fridge and keep it cool before use. When masking, avoid sensitive areas and areas with peeling skin. Do not over-mask, as this will make your skin drier than more moisturized. Do consult the doctor if any rashes or itchiness occurs after masking, discontinue use immediately if you experienced any of these symptoms.

Caviar extract Anti-aging Essence
This product is a combination of interactive minerals, vitamins and trace elements to penetrate and support the biological functions of the skin. It also helps to strengthen and improve the lipid barrier functions while naturally stimulating collagen production of the skin.

I feel that this product is good enough to cover the cost of all the products in this month's box, so it is surely worth it. It cost about $234 for this 4 bottles of serums at 10ml each.

Exsicata Hydrating Anti-Aging Night Cream , Terpsichore Brightening and Revitalizing Hair Balm, Poseidon Sea World Aromatherapy Body Milk and Victoria - Lanolin Egg white Facial Soap.

These assorted products are good for on-the-go use, to moisturize your body, hair, and face respectively.

Swiss O Par - Passion Fruit and Blossom Honey Hair Pillow mask

The hair pillows is a hair supplement with does not contain silicon. It is suitable for all hair types and is used like a hair mask.

I have previously tried the lemon and orange flavoured ones and I am glad I get to try a different flavour this round. The hair mask is thick and really moisturizes my hair well.

Joseristine - Verbena Shower Gel  & Pionin Anti-Acne Deep Cleansing Gel
Verbena Shower Gel helps to clean gently, replenishes skin moisture and leaves you a refreshing experience after every shower.

It has a very light and refreshing scent.

The Pionin Anti-Acne Deep Cleansing Gel on the other hand is a mild refreshing Cleansing Gel that cleanse off the excess oil on your skin to effectively treat acne and prevent them from forming.

Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Foundation

Soften your lines and blemishes with this foundation as it evens out your skin tone and instantly smooths, giving you radiant and younger looking skin all day. Comes with an spf 15, which helps combat some sun and free radicals.

I personally feel that sunblock is important regardless if there are SPF in any foundation or make-up that you may use. Sunblock acts a a good make-up base, so you should still apply it before apply this make-up.

I hope you had fun unveiling with me the items of this box! Till the next box arrives... be confident! Be yourself.


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