Event: Bliss Out Yoga and Concert experience 2015


I was mega excited when I received the invitation for Bliss-Out 2015 which was in replacement of the Winter Run as it has been postponed to March next year, 2016.

Photo credits: Bliss Out Singapore
Bliss-Out is a late afternoon event comprising of 2 segments of yoga, concert and many fringe activities and booths at the side.

Photo credits: Bliss Out Singapore

Tracy and I was very disappointed when we found out that the first Yoga segment (The Yoga Glow) which was meant for beginners, had to be cancelled due to the on-going heavy rain. The organizers was very prompt in updating us through sms so kudos to the good service.

 I was quite hesitant to proceed with the 2nd yoga segment (Fire & Nectar - Tantra Vinyasa led by Sianna Sherman) as it was meant for an intermediate level. This was only my 2nd time in yoga, so I was wondering if they would be using all the Yoga terms and I would be so loss as to what to do.

We decided to go ahead after all because we didn't want to miss this great experience and chance to work-out our bodies!


We arrived the venue to have found that people had already started with the yoga segment.

So, we quickly settled ourselves and join in with the yoga moves.

Photo credits: Bliss Out Singapore

Doing yoga under such an amazing backdrop with so many others that were so much more experienced.

It was quite a small crowd and many were strolling into the event late. It could be due to the rainy weather and everyone must be feeling hesitant to be doing yoga on muddy grounds.

We were surprised that many people didn't had yoga mats and were doing it on the grass itself.

We felt that the organizers could consider a tie-up with the tent providers so that this can be made a rain or shine event. The turn out rate will definitely be better. The yoga mats should be included or sponsored too!

Photo credits: Tracy

We enjoyed the yoga segment although we later complained about the muscle aches and pains that we experienced after that. By they way, we really loved the Yoga Top and I do see myself wearing it often.


Towards the end of the yoga segment, there was a little dance party for 3 minutes followed by couple works where 2 people work together with the yoga moves.


It was very interesting to be doing yoga outdoors, feeling the trees and nature around you and in such a fantastic location and scenery. By now we were already looking forward to the concert and feeling a little hungry.

Photo credits: Bliss Out Singapore
Entering the location was a breeze using the event wristband. But having to load it up with credits to purchase food and drinks was to us, though safe, was very inconvenient. We went around to look around and redeem our coconut drink, but did not purchase any food.


We managed to catch Inch's performance for awhile before the downpour comes along and we decided to leave before the rain gets any heavier.

Through Yoga, I have learned to be more confident of my body and how it moves. I have let go of how others looked at me, and if I was able to do the moves correctly. All i wanted was to have a good stretch out, so it didn't really mattered to me even if i could not catch up with some of the moves.
The only trade off for this event was that as there were so many other events happening concurrently at the same location that we had a human jam when we were trying to get to and get off the location. 

Many people were complaining about the accessibility when we were stuck in a human jam crossing over to Marina Bay Sands for almost a good 30 minutes.

Many thanks to the organizers of Bliss Out for the complimentary tickets. We shall be looking for Winter Run in 2016!


All reviews of the event are true, honest and personal. 
No monies was involved in the review.
Tickets were sponsored by Bliss-Out event organizers.

Be Confident, Be Yourself,

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