Happy Cny with Tee-Saurus CNY Shirts, accessories and Stationery


You probably have heard of this famous Singaporean brand known as Tee-Saurus by now.

Photo credits: Tee-saurus
If you have not, Tee-Saurus is a local brand famous for their range of uniquely Singaporean t-shirts with their signature Dinosaur on it. You should have guessed it, that is also how they got their name.

Having said that, Tee-Saurus not only carries their various signature localized Dinosaur inspired t-shirts, they also carry stationary such as their famous Singlish Sketch pads which now comes in various different languages. These are fun things to place in the office or as a motivation for your daily life and quick idea sketch. You can write your own motivational notes or reminders in the empty pages behind it.

Photo credits: Tee-saurus
They now have it in the Taiwanese and Cantonese versions. So, go ahead and get them for your overseas colleagues or simply purchase the Singlish ones as a souvenir for them to bring some Singapore flavor back to their home town. $15 (U.P $18.90)

This Lunar New Year, I was also blessed with a Tee-Saurus CNY Themed Tee in my zodiac animal. I think they are still cute to be worn during normal days, all year round and not only during the Lunar New Year period. Get 2 of them and wear as a couple T-shirt this valentine's day! You may also wish to purchase the child's version so the whole family wear them together and go on an outing. $28 (U.P $30)

 I am so loving the quality of these lovely Tee-Saurus t-shirts as they are so comfortable to wear, easy to match, easy to wash and quick to dry.
Photo credits: Tee-saurus
Check out the other 11 cute zodiac animal Tee-Saurus t-shirts from Tee-Saurus.

Photo credits: Tee-saurus

Tee-Saurus has a range of their Dinosaur Tees mostly in chrome gold and black for those who prefers their classic shirts.

Photo credits: Tee-saurus
If you are a local, you'll probably understand the meanings from these Localized Tees.

 Photo credits: Tee-saurus
If you are in need some motivation in your daily life? Why not check out these t-shirts which comes with motivational quotes

Photo credits: Teesaurus

Never go wrong with the Tee-Saurus Signature Tees which comes with their unique logo.

Other than these t-shirts, they have many other designed t-shirts, so do feel free to check them out on the blog from time to time. I spotted a new range which I am so in-love with already! I shall not reveal too much, but leave it to you to check them out from the site. I do hope that I can be sharing with you this new range soon.

If you cannot find something suitable for you from their site or have a unique idea to share, you can also email them to enquire about their personalization services which I previously did. Check out my post.

Did you notice the cute instagram wristlet on the top right hand corner of this photograph. Yes, the lovely wristlet is also from Tee-Saurus.

The wrislet is great as a fashion item that will make eyes turn, suitable for your daily use. It can also be used as a make-up pouch to carry your make-up. $12.90 (U.P: $15).

Do check out the Tee-Saurus website, Tee-Saurus Facebook and Tee-Saurus Instagram account for their latest promotion and news.

Disclaimer: All products were provided for the sole purpose of my review. Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

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Be Confident, Be Yourself and wear Tee-Saurus.

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