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Recently I have been introduced to the Aqua Mist from Coast to Coast, which originated from Australia. I am no stranger to face mist as I have been using them from the other beauty brands. 


Do you know you can place your toners in a spray bottle and use them like a face mist too? I often have them stored in the fridge so that they give me the cooling sensation which I love. There are so many different brands of facial mist in the market that we are often spoiled for choices.

If your skin is constantly feeling oily, lacking the glow and radiant then this is one beauty life savior that will change it. Facial Mist are great for humid weathers as they give our face an instant refreshing perk me up effect and we can do this without ruining our makeup. 

Aqua Mist also helps with calming, hydrating and replenishing. It keeps your skin cool while giving it a sultry dew. For me, I use it mostly to calm my red, flaming, peeling and itchy skin especially when my skin eczema acts up.
Who is Coast to Coast?

Credits: Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast divides their collections into 3 different range. Coastal, Rainforest, and Outback.

Credits: Coast to Coast

All products from Coast to Coast does not contain artificial colouring, fragrances and are not tested on animals. Natural, organic ingredients
have been grown, harvested, handled, processed and stored without the use of any pesticides, synthetic chemicals, phosphates, growth stimulants or antibiotics. The results are products formulated to simply reveal naturally beautiful skin.

There are 3 variants in Coast to Coast's Aqua Mist Range, so you can choose them according to your skin types.

I choose the Coastal Skin Ultra Soothing Aqua Mist which should work best for my skin type as it aims to refresh and hydrate a dry or sensitive skin with its Tasmanian Sea Kelp, Wild Rosella and Organic Lavender Water. It calms and soothe the inflamed or irritated skin. This mist is ideal for re-balancing skin sensitivity and provides the hydration which is exactly what my skin needs.

Tasmanian Sea Kelp is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Niacin, skin nourishing minerals, trace elements and an abundance of amino acids. It’s high silicon content helps to nourish and protect skin against moisture loss and can do wonders for evening out skin texture and tone.

Wild Rosella is found in Northern Australia and produces a protein that assists in revitalising the skin with a high anti-oxidant concentration plus vitamins A, C and E.

It is so easy to dispense the mist through the spray bottle. It is also light weighing and easy to bring around. Simply place it beside your office desk where you work and give your skin a refreshing spray whenever you need it or bring it out with you and use it on the go.

The transparent plastic bottle is a bonus, as it allows me to see how much more of this content is left unlike the metal canister types which i can only briefly gauge by its weight.

I love how the lightly scented Wild Rosella mist absorbs quickly into my thirsty skin the moment i spritz the mist on them. I can smell some Eucalyptus and the light peppermint that feels refreshing on my skin too. There are no allergic reactions on my skin though they are very sensitive, thanks to the natural ingredients that are used into the making of this Ultra Soothing Aqua Mist.

The other 2 variants consist of the,

Credits: Coast to Coast
Outback Skin Radiance Aqua Mist (Dehydrated and Dull Skin). It aims to revive a tired complexion with this replenishing, skin-brightening mist containing antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum, Quandong & Organic Chamomile to hydrate, tone and soothe for a soft and refreshed skin. If your skin is always lacking of moisture and shine, perhaps you can try this.

Credits: Coast to Coast
Rainforest Skin Radiance Aqua Mist (Oily, Combination Skin)
. This happens to be the range to win the Harper's Bazaar award  in 2013. The plant enriched facial mist helps to hydrate and refine normal or oily skin. Containing Rosalina, Lilly Pilly and Organic Lavender to restore your skin’s natural balance for a fresh and clear complexion. Try this is your skin is oily most of the time.

Products retails at $37/100ml.

They can be purchased via:

101 Thomson Rd #B1-70
United Square Singapore 307591
Tel: 6254 6009
Opens daily 10.30am to 9.30pm

OR via

Disclaimer: All products were provided for the sole purpose of my review. Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

Be Confident, Be yourself.

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