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Expressions recently introduced me to their Lavender Slimming Oil, after my attempt to slim down from taking their Slim Juice. I have used slimming creams and lotion before but I have never attempt to use a slimming oil, so I was curious as to how this slimming oil will work for me.

The Lavender Slimming oil, made in Australia, was awarded with the Singapore Women's Weekly Spa awards in 2014.

It is supposed to help tone the flabby skin as well as to combat fatigue and stress. This special formulation has a great properties that are able to detoxify, anti cellulite, lipolysis and contour the body.

Key Benefits:

  • Detoxification and eliminates toxins and waste from body
  • Slimming and helps in lymphatic drainage, removes excess fats and stubborn cellulite build up
  • Firming and toning to prevent sagging skin
  • Reduce appearance of stretch marks
  • Moisturizes dry skin, to keep skin soft and supple

Non Invasive, Non Surgical, Painless and No Downtime

The Slimming oil is excellent for daily used during day and night, good for blood circulation, deep tissue massage, thermal blanket or in conjunction with other slimming treatments.

It comes in a drip bottle where you can pour out the oil directly from the bottle.

It is quite surprising that the Lavender smell does not overpower the slimming oil. It smells rather floral and pleasant.

The Lavender Slimming Oil contains a very potent blend of natural fruit oils that helps to break down excess fat and stubborn cellulite build-up. This combination of oil acts as diuretic which helps to minimize water retention in the body. In the blend of oils, you can also find Grapefruit and Juniper which is the secret beauty for this slimming treatment.


Calm & balancing, relax & refresh, soothes scars and heals damaged skin (such as stretch marks).


Uplifting antioxidant, improves circulation, eliminates waste, promotes slimming by increasing metabolism rate. Believed to satiate sweet cravings, thus curbing appetite and food intake.


Stimulate lymphatic system and thereby cleansing the body of toxins. Positive effect on obesity with diuretic properties - help to remove water retention and treat cellulite.

Get rid of bloated tummy, antioxidant, anti-depressant. Other formulation for detox, diuretic(water retention) and aid in weight loss.


Stimulate skin tissue regeneration. Has a very light texture thus easily absorbed by the skin. Moisture, tone, firm and tighten the skin, at the same time reducing skin swelling.


Juniper promotes and improves blood circulation. It also helps in the removal of toxins like uric acid from the body. Both of these properties help fight ailments like rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and renal calculi, which are related to improper circulation and the accumulation of toxins in the body and also relieves swelling.

Usage instructions:

Oily in nature, the greasy feeling does not stay on for long, making it rather comfortable to apply on. You can feel a slight heating sensation from the oil, so be warned and do not rub your eyes after using the oil. Do not over apply if you don't wish to feel your skin stinging or burning.

To reduce the oiliness feel and increase the absorption rate, you can rub your palms together and "heat" up the oil slightly before application.

For Slimming:

Apply on problem areas such as tummy, thighs or love handles. Wrap cling wrap tightly around the area for an hour. Use a thick blanket to cover the wrapped area to increase body temperature for effective circulation.

For Massaging and Post Natal Treatment:

Can be used to massage for full body or target at specific problem areas.

For Body Care:
Apply liberally in broad circular motions over the body. Finish by kneading between thumb and index finger, rolling skin from thumb to index finger.

Apply twice a day, morning and evening.
Drink up to 3litres of water daily for thorough cleansing.
Best utilized with Exps Cryo Auto-Fat Freezing Device and Exps Thermal Blanket for best weight loss results

Important Note:

  • Avoid application on damaged or injured skin
  • Perform patch test if you have sensitive skin
  • Stop using and consult a doctor if itchiness is experienced or skin rashes appears
  • Store oil in well-ventilated place away from direct heat and sunlight

Overall, I like the scent and texture of the oil. I use it more as a massage body care oil instead of focusing on it's slimming purposes. The heated effect did go off after awhile so don't worry about applying it in the morning. The oil acts well as a body moisturizer and massage oil to relax my stressed body.

Retails at Expressions for $28 for 200ml, pretty affordable isn't it?

If you are interested in purchasing the above mentioned products, do quote "GIVEME10" to be entitled to 10% off during check out on . Discount code is valid till end of March 2016. Do remember to quote my name when using it.

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