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Sometime in late May 2016, I posted my first impressions of the LEAGOO Shark 1, did you manage to read the review?

Let us look at the phone in greater details after I have explored them for awhile, and I will share with you more about what I like or dislike about the phone.

High Battery Life of 6300mAh Battery/9V2A Rapid Charge. Charge your phone in 30 minutes to allow 1 day of full usage.This is the phone in the world with the highest battery capacity. Despite that, the phone is only 8.5mm thin. Impressive! A High Battery Life also means that I get to enjoy more hours watching my favourite movies online, more hours of playing songs on YouTube and no worries even if I did not switch of my phone when I am not using it.

☑ With such a high battery capacity, you can even charge up your friend's dying mobile with an OTG cable. (Do note that OTG cable is not inclusive in the package.)

☒ The flip side however for this is that I am unable to purchase a spare battery or carry a spare battery with me. If the battery in the phone goes bust, my phone will be gone together too. This also means that in case it runs out of its 6300mAh juice, while I am on the road, i would have to lug with me a power bank to have it charged up.

☑ This is why, Leagoo gives you full control to monitor your phone's battery life. You can choose from 3 modes, Smart power, Super power and Long Standby to keep your phone going when your phone is running seriously low on juice. I tried switching around with these modes when my phone was left with approximately 19% and I managed to save its power, yet continue answering e-mails and playing games in low lighting.

With such a huge screen at 6 inches, 1920x1080 Display screen, 368 DPI, and LTPS technology to
allow the display to achieve a 30% brightness improvement, and 20%
consumption reduction. I can enjoy watching my favourite movies on the go without squinting my eyes.

☑ With the Corning 3rd gorilla glass with 2.5D process , i also will not be worried about having my keys scratching my phone screen nor leaving the dreaded finger prints left on the screen after playing my favourite games. The set comes pre-fitted with a screen protector which is a bonus.

Speaking of fingerprint, leave them to the back of the phone where you find a finger print sensor which promises an unlock speed of 0.39s.While i love this feature, it often doesn't work for me. Out of 10 trials to unlock my phone using the fingerprint method, only 2 times it worked.

Camera wise, it comes with SONY 13MP rear camera with Auto focus, HDR, Panaroma, Multi-angle, motion track, PIP and watermark modes. I shot the SAFRA sign and other food photographs with the Pro mode where I could adjust the photo's ISO, Aperture, Brightness and scene mode based on my preference like an SLR camera can do.

☑ For front camera, it is at 5MP with flashlight capabilities that allows selfie in low light conditions. I am however, not used to having flash photography right in my eyes, so here's one normal selfie without the flashlight. I made use of the natural sunlight instead. I think the photo quality looks quite decent.

☑ The phone also has a universal IR Remote control, running on ZaZa Remote ( which allows you to control your TVs, set-up boxes, air conditioners, fans etc which is quite cool. I tried it on my TV & Air conditioner and both worked for me. No more hunting for remote control now, but remember to on your Hotspot function for this to work.

Shark 1 features the latest 64-bit 1.3GHz octa core processor, giving users more power. This includes a 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM with the possibility of up to 64GB external T-Flash (micro SD card) add on.

The Leagoo Shark 1 act as a cool "clock" when on standby mode in this cover which you can purchase separately. However, do activate the "Hall Open" mode to activate this function, or else it wouldn't work.

Over and above the latest 4G network, Shark 1 is also equipped with the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 (with the latest LEAGOO OS 1.2) to cater to a faster and higher efficiency computation.

Shark 1 is now available at nearly 100 stores island-wide at a retail price of $399. (

With all the plus points and priced at $399, it is quite an affordable and user-friendly phone with all the basic features which you'll need in a smartphone. If you are looking at getting a phone which will satisfy all your entertainment needs and being able to endure the long hours with you, then this is surely the one phone you should get.

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Review is honest and based on personal experience. No monetary reward is received for the review. I was invited to review the phone by Alvinology Media.

Be You.

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  1. Which is best Leagoo Shark 1 or Bluboo Maya Max or vkworld T1 Plus, i like 6 inch smartphone or phablet and found vkworld T1 Plus smartphone looks good, especially the latest Android 6.0 OS, gyroscope and the 13MP rear camera.
    so suggest me which is best ?


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