[Let's Fight Eczema 1] - 4 Types of Eczema commonly found in Singapore and how to identify its symptoms


Are you a Eczema sufferer? I hope you are not because having Eczema is not something which we should be proud of, but acknowledging and knowing that you are suffering from it is important. If you don't know what you are suffering from, you would probably be using the wrong products that may trigger serious problems down the road.

There are many different types of Eczema; So I will only list down for you the 4 most common types of Eczema found in Singapore;

1. Seborrhoeic Eczema
There are two types, one most commonly seen in babies and the second common in adults. Areas affected tend to be the oily parts of the body, such as the scalp, face, groin and chest. Seborrhoeic eczema is not normally itchy.

2. Discoid Eczema

This condition is usually confined to the arms and legs. It consists of itchy, coin-shaped patches which may be weepy or scaly.

* I think i suffered from Discoid Eczema when I was a kid because I had those 5cent, 10 cent coin-shaped patches on my legs. They are usually weepy and I would scratch so badly that my skin were broken, bleeding and it even stained my bed sheets.

3. Varicose Eczema

This is a condition of the legs, commonly found in the elderly and people with varicose veins.

4. Contact dermatitis

There are two types – irritant and allergic. Irritant contact dermatitis is caused by exposure to soaps, detergents and water. Allergic contact dermatitis is caused by sensitivity to materials like nickel, cement, rubber and hair dye.

*I might also be suffering from Contact dermatitis because my skin was ultra sensitive with the environment change. I once visited the doctor and was told I should avoid perspiring, so he gave me a Medical Excuse Letter so I could be excused from Physical Education activities in school. He even told me I should not use rubber ties, to tie up my hair and I should avoid wearing watches with leather straps as all these cause further skin irritation.

Having known all the commonly found Eczema in Singapore, try to identify if you have one or more of the following symptoms;

☑ Your skin is red, swollen, itchy, scaly, dry and you sometimes have fluid-filled blisters. Your itch feels so bad that you are constantly in an itch-scratch cycle. It doesn't matter if you identify these symptoms on a child or an adult, regardless of your age, you may be suffering from Eczema. Although it is more commonly found in a child, than an adult.

☑ The rash appears usually on your elbow bends, back of your knees and your neck. Some people also find them on their joint areas, fingers or even on their face.
*These are places that tends itch when you perspire frequently, you tend to feel the itch more.

☑ Certain products you use cause you to feel itchy. E.g- of such products are, rubber hair ties, leather watch straps, steel jewellery, even the clothes label behind your t-shirts gives you an itch so bad that you scratch until your skin turns red and look sore.

☑ A change of weather, climate or temperature makes your skin break out more frequently. E.g - When it is sunny and you experience a suddenly change of weather and it keeps raining. This triggers skin irritation and your rashes appears. A frequent change of weather worsens your skin condition and you tend to sneeze easily.

☑ Your skin is constantly dry, to the extend that it becomes red and it peels. These spots tends to stay on your skin and it doesn't heals easily. Even when they disappear, they tend to return and often, they appear on the same spot.

☑ Eczema often occurs due to dryness in your skin. If it is extremely dry, cracking and flaky and start to turn red it might be a sign. Some people also have it around their lip area.

I hope that this article will help you identify if you have Eczema. IF you do suffer from it, do not panic. Try to moisturize your skin frequently and avoid using products that may further aggravate your skin. Consult a doctor for further advise and if possible, avoid steroid cream as much as possible. I will be sharing with you more tips and how to handle Eczema in my next few articles.


Words expressed in this article are based on research and some on personal experience. All photographs on this article belongs to Pexels.com. This is a non-sponsored post. However, if you wish to join me in my #letsfighteczema journey, you may drop me an email at pearlywerkz@outlook.com. I welcome comments, suggestions, sharing or sponsorship of products suitable for eczema sufferers.

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