Let's Fight Eczema

Let's fight Eczema 

is created for the purpose of:

Educating eczema sufferers and their family or friends about what is Eczema, so that they are more informed about this condition.

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Through these articles, they can learn to take better care of their Eczema prone skin or learn to take better care of fellow Eczema skin sufferers.

As an Eczema sufferer since a child, I know best how eczema can affect your lives with those red pesky, itchy, scaly and broken skin. These patches of broken skin were all over my hands, legs and even my body.

During our times, people were less educated and were poorer, there were little known treatments or products meant for Eczema sufferers. The closest products were those meant for sensitive skin.
Little did I know that this skin condition was called Eczema. I thought I only had sensitive skin.

These dry patches of skin had since appeared on my face. There are plenty of times which I feel totally helpless, and seeing my fellow family member trying ways and means to help me sometimes breaks my heart too. There are days which I would totally give up trying to cover my broken skin, and hide myself in the room because I simply felt ugly and couldn't face the world. Even the best concealers I had or my long sleeve shirt and long pants couldn't hide away my ugly outbreaks.

With this column, I hope to reach out to both, the companies with products and services which are suitable for an Eczema prone skin, as well as to Eczema skin suffers who are like me. I aim to act as the middle-man with my social media platform, to spread more information about this incurable skin condition. We may not be able to totally rid ourselves of this skin condition, but may we be positive that there are companies that care to produce these products specially for the unique group of Eczema sufferers like us.

No doubt this skin condition is incurable, we should however, be more informed about it, so that we can learn to take better care of ourselves and our family members who may be sufferers.

Do reach out to me at pearlywerkz@outlook.com with the subject:
Let's fight Eczema, 

if you are keen to be part of our journey.

Feel free to share with me via email or the comment section as well if you are a fellow
Eczema sufferer and have tried any treatments or products that helped you in your journey. Thank you to those readers whom have written in and shared their stories. I hope the recommended product helps. 



What is Eczema?

Eczema Remedies

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