Review: Super Quick Gel Pencil liner EX by SANA


Do you sometimes feel that your eyes are too small?
Do you feel that your eye-liner is not doing the job that it should be doing?
Wish that you have a darker eye line?
Wish that your eyes could talk to that special someone?
Want to have a non-smudgy eyes?
Don't have a double eyelid and find it messy to draw your eye line?
Look here! This is your answer :)
(Image from SANA Facebook)

I was provided this Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex by SANA as
part of their sampling activity.

I usually dislike crayon or pencil liners as I find that they crack/break easily. This frustrates me all the time!
But this one doesn't! It has a controlled mechanism, somewhat similar to how you use a lip balm. You can twist it to control
the length of the crayon. The only thing is that you cannot
 reverse it back after you have twisted, unlike the lip balm .

You don't have to twist out too much. A little is enough to draw both eyelids.
You can twist out more if the crayon goes blunt. The mechanism is so good, the crayon glides on really well without breaking! 

I only twisted out this much when I draw both eyelids.
Look at the colour it is really black
and easy to glide on my eyelids and doesn't feel too oily or smudgy.

My completed look! Isn't it beautiful?
My eyes is enlarged and the crayon does not smudge at all.
This eye liner is pretty strong and a little hard to dissolve. I recommend
you to use oil based eye make up remover. I did not use any mascara on this look. Only
light eye make up. 
Summary of Review:
Ease of usage of  Eye-liner : 4/5
Crayon doesn't breaks easily: 5/5
Blackness of Eye-liner : 5/5
Packaging : 4/5
Ease of removal: 4/5
Long Lasting: 5/5 (Lasted me till I reached home!)
Doesn't Smudges: 5/5

Thank you SANA for this wonderful opportunity to review
your eye-liner product. Its been a great experience for me.
For the rest of you, do remember to check out their updates
This is one of my first few eye make up product reviews, so I hope
you had enjoyed reading it.

Thank you SANA n all readers.


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