Are you interested to collaborate? 

Currently looking for:
- Hair Services
- Beauty Services for eczema/sensitive skin sufferers
- Make-up/ skincare products
suitable for eczema/sensitive skin sufferers
- Nail Services

- Eyebrow/Eye line Tattoo Touch-up / Embroidery Services
- Fashion Products (Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories)

Your sponsorship can be in the form of :

1. Product Sponsorship 

Your products are sponsored for our review. I would request a retail/full-sized item unless you are sending over assorted products or several products. As such, your product will not be returned to you, unless it is meant for trial. (E.g- Electronic gadgets review such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras on loan).

2. Service Sponsorship  

You are sponsoring a service. I accept Hairdo, hair treatments, facials, face treatments, slimming treatments, massage services, nail services etc.

3. Giveaway/Contest Collaboration

You are sponsoring for a contest or giveaway and would like me to giveaway some of your freebies while reviewing your products or services. I welcome giveaway as my readers benefits from them.

4. Special Readership Perks/Discount Codes for readers 
You are giving my readers a special discount or additional perks when buying your product or utilizing your services but quoting a special code, or quoting my name. 

5. Food Tasting Invites

You launched a new menu or have some promotion going on and would like me to try out some new dishes. I will be most willing attend, please provide me with the time, location, details and I'll be there. Do let me bring along a +1 if its a private tasting. I don't want to eat alone.

6. Event Invites
You launched a new product/service and would like me to cover your event.
Please provide me with the time, location, details and I'll be there if I can make it.

7. Hotel/Accommodation/Travel Sponsorship
I love to travel! If you would love to sponsor me a staycation or vacation.
We can make arrangement too.

8. For any other product/services/events/giveaways/collaborations that are not stated here, do drop me an email and we can discuss further.

Drop me a line at if you are interested in collaborating with me.  =)

I would deeply appreciate if you can send all invites to me at least 1 week in advance so that I am able to plan my schedule. Do also allow time for me to test your products and services before I post the review up. In general, I am able to post a review of your product/services/events within 2 weeks upon utilizing the product or services. Some products may take a longer time to compare the results hence, I would appreciate up to a month or more for the trial and review to take place.

Got a Question or feedback?
I do appreciate a pat on the back and would love to make new friends through my blog. Please feel free to comment on my blog post or drop me an email. I will surely get back to you.

Drop me a line at if you would love to give me a pat on my back.

Thank You  =)

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