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Remember the Jyunka Challenge that I went to the other day?
I must admit that I had  benefited much from it.
Here is the review which I had previously done if you had missed it. 
My pigmentation, pimples and skin tone
 had improved so much since I had diligently applied the M+ Fluid for the past 3 weeks, both day and night since I welcomed the great product back home with open arms.
M+ Fluid is still on sale at $268 (usual: $344) until the end of October.
So, do grab it fast and stock up a few more bottles.
It will make a good Xmas present too! Hehe!
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So, I presume all of you well-read fans will know that our skin
is surrounded by dead skin cells and therefore we need to peel of this layer of dead skin.
Exfoliation is the removal of the old dead skin cells on our skin's outermost surface.
We can either make use of microdermabrasion or chemical peels to achieve this.

With Jyunka Epidermal Peel Kit, you can now D-I-Y (don't let your thoughts run wild on this) at the comfort at your home! Since it is just a 5 minutes process, it
saves me some time from travelling and saves me some $ on having these
expensive procedures done in the beauty salon. Worst of it all, we are not even
sure if this is gonna work!

Thanks to the beautiful people at Jyunka again for the opportunity to test out this amazing product during the Jyunka Challenge. 
If you are interested to know the price, it is retailing at $119 now for a tube of 20ml that comes with the Epidermal lotion to wash off the peel, bottle of 28ml.

For best results use it before applying the Jyunka M+ Fluid and other products like the
Boto Caviar Serum which is superb for the face.

How to use this peeling kit?
1) For pigmented skin : Apply on spot locations 3X a week
2) For black heads: Apply for 3 consecutive days on locations and 1-2 times weekly after
3) For dull skin - Apply on whole face weekly

Application methods
Step 1: 
After cleansing, apply a thin layer of the epidermal peel cream evenly
on your dry face. Avoiding your lips and broken skin areas.
Leave the cream on for about 5 minutes, bearing in mind not to exceed this 5 minutes.
You can use a timer to guide you for this.

During this 5 minutes of waiting, it is best you get ready
your epidermal lotion and cotton wools.

Step 2: 
Drip the lotion over 2-3 cotton pads until they are completely damp
but not over dripping and place the cotton wool on your face. Wipe it over
your face areas 2-3 times to cleanse it thoroughly.
Leave it on your face till your face feels smooth and comfortable.
**Do avoid eyes, lips and broken skin areas.**

Step 3:
Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Grab yours and try it yourself now!

My face did not turn red despite it being very sensitive.
However, to be on the safe side, I left the lotion on for only 3-4 minutes.
You will feel a little stinging effect on the skin as your skin starts to peel. It smells quite like dabbing soap on my skin. Must be the glycerin in it. :)
Swipping off with the epidermal lotion makes my skin feel comfortable and smooth
and my skin brightens up instantly. 
My pigmentation also lightens each time
after the peel was applied.
I feel good as if I have a new skin and a re-new face.
Most importantly, it has improved my confidence as I
feel really shy with my  pigmentation skin.

See instant results. Before and after! After using i witness that my skin turned brighter and smoother immediately! I still gotta work hard to make my pigmentation heal fully!!! ;D

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