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After a round of treating black heads with Cellnique, I am now back again with the nasty dry and cracking skin. It seems like this eczema issue of mine had been torturing and haunting me on and off due to the recent change in the weather. I know I am also not getting enough fluids and rest because of the Chinese New Year period. There has been lots of appointment pouring in.

It has either been raining under the hot sun or else you can feel the heat even when the fan is on and continuously blowing not cool, but hot air at you.You must be wondering what has this got to do with my skin? I sometimes like to joke with my friends that I a a weather girl. Its the truth. Whenever the weather changes and starts being nasty, so does my skin.

This is my skin as at 15 January 2016. You can see redness, dryness and skin eczema. This was also before I started using the prescribed products from Cellnique.

The Cellnique Instant Calming Kit consist of 2 main products which are meant to give intensive care for an extremely sensitive and delicate skin like mine as well as promotes cell healing and soothe skin irritations, redness and itchiness instantly. The products feels cooling on the skin when applied and helps calm the stinging caused by external aggressors and break outs.

The 2 Cellnique Instant Calming Kit products are:

1. Cellnique Intensive Soothing Hydrating Masque with Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera
2. Cellnique D'Sensi Calming Essence

My skincare routine remained largely the same as when I was using the Cellnique No More Black Heads Kit, only that this time I have swooped my Hadalabo Whitening Milk to the Hadalabo Water Gel. I also used the No More Black Heads Kit, interchangeably on some occasions and specifically on certain spots only when my skin was feeling oily.

Cellnique D'Sensi Calming Essence $63, 15ml
- It is meant as an intensive care for extremely sensitive and delicate skin
- Used to soothe skin irritations, redness, and itchiness instantly
- Helps in reducing skin inflammation and reduce free radical damaging to skin

The thick blueish liquid scares me off initially when I applied it. Thankfully it evaporates off leaving my skin colorless and odorless after tapping 3-5 drops all over. I was instructed to use this continuously for 2-3 days a week after the Cellnique intensive soothing hydrating masque. It does feels a little oily but dries off quickly as well, leaving my face calm, and moisturized.

Main Active Ingredients:

1. Perilla Leaf Extract:
Reduces the appearance of scars, photo-aging and skin sensitivity. Has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Chamomile Flower Extract:
Rich in properties that reduces redness and calms irritated skin, soothes sensitive skin, promotes granulation and cell regeneration.

3. Sodium Azulene Sulfonate:
Is an anti-inflammatory component of Chamomile. It has sedatives, anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties to soothe irritable skin. It repairs and protects the delicate skin while providing relief to redness, itchiness and rashes.

I love how effective the essence worked on my face providing it with instant calming effects especially when it is red and flaring. It soothes the skin without stinging and provided relief from the redness and peeling.

Cellnique Intensive Soothing Hydrating Masque with Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera ($50, 50g)
The product is an oil-free and rinse-free as it is a moisturizing gel masque. Your skin becomes soft and moist after application of this product.

The gel is cooling when applied on the skin hence it provided the comfort on my skin when it was flaky though a little stinging at times when the flaking gets serious.

- It is meant to promote cell healing
- Soothe sunburned, irritated or reddened skin
- Reduce inflammatory reaction
- Restore normal sensitivity threshold
- Water binding helps retain and replenish moisture to the skin

The clear blue watery mask has a pleasant scent when applied on the face like a water mask. You cannot really see the mask as it is like a thick water cream when applied and it gets absorbed by my thirsty skin. I was advised to use this masque once a week after my toner, applying a thick layer and to wash off when it is semi-dry.

Main Active Ingredients:

1. Aloe Vera:
Has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes wound healing; It acts as a water binding agent promoting a soft, smooth and supple skin texture.

2. Witch Hazel Extract:
A plant extract with toning and astringent properties. Helps promote healing, reduces inflammation, and has anti-irritant properties. It helps restoration of the skin to normal sensitivity levels.

3. Horse Chestnut Extract:
Promotes not only a clear skin, but an even complexion and an improved skin tone; Has anti-inflammatory properties and helps balance the circulation in the skin.

My skin feels soft and hydrated. I was advised to apply my toner before applying the mask and instructed to wash off the mask despite it being a rinse-free mask, before applying the calming essence.

I tried the products for about 10 days from 22 Jan ~ 2 Feb. They do provide me with immediate relief from discomfort but because my skin eczema is a tacky issue, it will take time to recover. It simply comes on and off. You can still see some redness on my cheeks and even a row of dark pimply spots.

My skin does not feel as rough after the 10 days, and there is reduced flaking now. My skin also appears brighter and on some days I was able to walk out of home without my make-up when my face feels better.

Sometimes I feel that there is really no cure for my sensitive skin and it gets very tiring while I try on so many products to help my face. All the products does is to provide temporary relief. Nevertheless, I will continue using the Cellnique Instant Calming kit as it does provides me with the relief from itch, redness and sensitivity like it proclaims. This will help my skin heal and skin cells regenerate better.

Thanks for taking care of my skin Cellnique! I am in return pampering you, my readers with this online purchase special promotion code "SG001".

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Disclaimer: All products were provided for the sole purpose of my review. Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

Be Confident, Be yourself.

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