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Its my birthday month! And the one thing which I have to do every year is to get my face in tip-top condition so that I can age gracefully! Unfortunately with my eczema flare ups, this is getting harder and harder to achieve. There is still 1++ more week to go, so hopefully I'll be able to strike more things off the list and enjoy every bits of pampering on my hair, nails and body.

Photograph taken after removal of all make-up and before trimming of brows

About ICED DPL Rejuvenating Treatment - $288 :
(75 minutes) 
The treatment was targeted at my main concern which was my pigmentation issues. However, there are different modes in the DPL machine which allowed you to decide if you would like to:

1)Whiten and brighten your skin,
2)Tighten your skin and shrink your pore size,
3)Heal your acne and scars,
4)Stimulate collagen production naturally.

Photograph taken in the midst of facial treatment, before DPL, and after trimming of brows

My eyebrows obviously looked so much better after they were trimmed and the fray hairs plucked.

During the treatment,
Your face will be cleansed, make-up removed and a facial massage will be done on your face. You can request for pimple extraction and to have your brows tidied during the session before your DPL treatment. A shoulder massage will also be done before the DPL - Dynamic Pulse Light takes place.

Photograph of the DPL- Dynamic Pulse Light Machine

 A cooling gel will be applied to your face before the DPL is used on you and your eyes will be covered. The feeling of pulse light on my face feels as if there some kind of electric current touching your skin. If you feel uncomfortable or feel that the current is too strong, you can inform your beautician to adjust the strength.
The frequency of the DPL can be adjusted depending on the strength that is required. For example, for areas such as my cheeks and nose areas where my pigmentation were darker and stronger, my beautician will increase the strength of the DPL machine and she will go over an additional round, compared to areas with lesser spots. 

She was also very meticulous to decrease the strength on areas where my skin had then eczema flare.

Next, a serum will be applied on your face to calm the sensitivity using a hand-held machine, followed by application of a mask.

I must have fell asleep half way through when my beautician was massaging my face, it felt so good and I was totally relaxed. I always trust the beauticians at Bejeweled for the most relaxing, comforting and professional service. They had never disappoint me.

Do note that after an ICED DPL Rejuvenating Treatment, it is best to apply an additional layer of moisturizer on your face. Try to keep your face moisturized at all times and keep away from outdoor activities for at least 3 days. Apply sunblock whenever you need to head out.

The effects of the treatment will only be visible after the 3rd day of your treatment.
Since this month is the Great Singapore Sale Month, you will be pleased to know that they are running some promotions,

Thank you Bejeweled for taking care of my skin always.

This is my face after a week from the Iced DPL Rejuvenating Treatment. My eczema is healing up fast with diligent application from my regular steroid cream, as for the other parts of my face, they have significantly became fairer with my pigmentation lighter and less obvious now. Applying make-up is a breeze as I don't have to spend time slopping on thick concealers and loose powders. I have also avoided make-up when going to nearby malls as my face feels good after the ICED DPL Rejuvenating Treatment. You've gotta try it!

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Disclaimer: Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review. I was invited for the ICED DPL treatment by Bejeweled Singapore as their brand envoy.

Be You.

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