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Hi Everyone! Are you an avid online shopper? Do you enjoy spending time online?
Being internet savvy these days means that we spend more time online on our Facebook, researching for materials for our overseas trips, making air, hotel and land transfers booking for our next travel destination all by ourselves. Did I forget to mention the most important thing, Online shopping?

Most of us are not strangers to the online shopping sites like Honestbee for our groceries shopping, Groupon for our purchases of anything from massage vouchers, home and furnishing items, buffet and hot pot deals, and the ever famous china website Taobao for anything and everything under the sun.

Now, what if I were to tell you that you can get paid to shop online with all these merchants? On top of the discounted fares and deals, you can even find the latest coupon codes at ShopBack here. What is this that I am talking about?

Let me introduce to you the concept of ShopBack.

Who is ShopBack?

ShopBack is the perfect place to find those discounts we so desire. Bringing you the latest promotions and voucher codes from over 300 renowned brands in the online shopping scene, including Taobao, Lazada, eBay and Groupon.

ShopBack is the one-site shop to get all the fantastic coupon deals at your favourite online shops.

ShopBack's arrival took the e-commerce by storm, quickly rising up the ranks as one of the best online coupons and saving sites in Singapore. Shopping at ShopBack allows you to earn cashback with each purchase – in order words, you're literally getting paid to shop with us.

Information Credits: ShopBack Website

Image Credits: ShopBack Website
Fret not as you will find more than 500 merchants that spans the categories of Fashion, Travel, Food and Beverage, Electronics, Lifestyle and list of popular stuffs for you to shop. There's something for everyone be it a make-up junkie, wanderlust, foodie, fashionista or a housewife who hates carrying groceries (which we will come to it in a moment).

Sign up between now to 9 September (today) for a $5 cashback!

Image Credits: ShopBack Website

How Does ShopBack work?


Shop via ShopBack and get rewarded via cashback!Image Credits: ShopBack Website 

Click on any store through ShopBack and get directed to the store's website. You can purchase your favourite things as per normal and get cashback in your shopback account within 48 hours! Cash out to your account at the end of the month. The minimum redeemable cashback is at $10.

Image Credits: ShopBack Website

Image Credits: Honestbee  Website

I love carrying my groceries in those big chunky red plastic bags! They look so gorgeous and fashionable. (Said no internet savvy housewife ever!) But Who doesn't love groceries shopping? Well, I do, for the sake of my strawberries, lemon to make those infused water, ice-cream, daily staples, dairy products, fresh staples and what not.. the list goes on! My husband and I travel the world and 1 of our favourite places to shop is their local groceries store!

This brings us to the next Online shopping site Honestbee. If you are already a fan of shopping groceries via Honestbee you may enjoy Honestbee cashback and coupons to make your shopping experience even sweeter! Say no to lugging heavy groceries and pet supplies for us ladies, we shop, the man pays and on top of that we can get cashback. Sweet deal right?

ShopBack is so established, you can get group coupons and promotions, cashback on your taobao and many others too!


Image Credits: ShopBack Website

Last but not least, because ShopBack loves you, there is this 9.9 Singapore Online Sale coming up this 9th September 2015 (today! so stop dreaming) ! It allows you to earn an up sized cashback on top of the exclusive sales and promo codes. Don't miss it.

Start shopping today!


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