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Hi Boys and Gals!

This is my first sponsored review and i am so excited and honored to receive my first sponsor from The Sample Store & Acnes! Hearts and thank you so much for sponsoring me the following 2 products for review... So fans.. read on to find out more about this product.

I am going to reveal the secret to a blemish free skin!

The best-selling Japanese brand that gives boys and girls total confidence with clear skin!

Tada!!!! Acnes Medicated Skincare #1 Antibacterial Skin Care Brand in Japan!

i bet you have heard and may have even tried their products already! So are you curious as to how a blemish/pimple comes about and what is it? Read on to find out...You are most prone to acne/pimple when undergoing puberty and if you are between 12-25. Even as you grow older, you will still develop it especially at the "T-Zone" (Forehead to nose and chin area). This is mostly due to oil blockage.

So... how do i prevent it? How do i cure my pimples? Check out the wide range of Acnes Medicated Skincare products dedicated to help you! Build up your confidence and fight those ugly pimples!

And so i am going to introduce the 2 sponsored products. Your heros to a blemish free skin :D

Product Information for your reference:

It pays to read to learn more about what goes on your face.

Remember before trying products, do a skin test first.

Stop using if you see adverse results :)

Are you convinced yet?

Don't worry, you can redeem free samples of the product to try by clicking on the following links:

How cool is that?

Get your free samples here:

Acnes Facebook or http://www.facebook.com/acnes.sg

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