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Hi Fans! I bet you had heard me saying that i am going for a manicure session this afternoon right? Yups! Thanks to Spa Esprit i had won a manicure session. Its a great way to unwind on a great friday & its my first experience @ Spa Esprit. Thanks Spa Esprit and thanks honey for the company!

Heard from the manicure lady that this is a 2 months campaign and she saw many students here. So she thought i was one too! Haha! So i shared with her why i was there and i didn't wanted to admit that yah i took 1/2 a day leave just for this! (Shhhh!) I need to unwind too you know? So guess this gives me good excuse.

I am not sure if she was really experienced though as she cannot really propose for me the design nor colors, and also this range does not carry any sparkler ones which was kind of disappointing. So you gotta know exactly what you want and because it is express... its just nail painting.. period!

If you heard about their Strange Beautiful Nails. It has a lovely settings and 5 volumes of colors available. Read on to find out the final colors & design i had chosen.(You gotta tell her exactly how it was to be done, which colors and which goes to the base). But this manicure lady is great as she is fast and almost error free. (I can't help but glare @ her falsies hehe)

I am a happier gal and i loved the colors i had choose! So beautiful in french manicure setting and they matches so well. Love it! Love how well it turned out to be :) Even plain colors can be so strangely beautiful! I am amazed ;P
"STRANGEBEAUTIFUL™ stunningly provocative but wearable colors blend the best elements of beauty, science, and design. Every polish has been developed and evaluated with an artist’s eye producing hues that are deeply and richly saturated throughout." Quote from Spa Esprit -
Logos & branding used are also abstracted from the original Spa Esprit Facebook page.

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