Review: Lovemore Japan Soymilk Enzyme Moisturizing & Soothing Mask


I love to drink soy milk. Does any of my fans here love that too?
Today, I am going to put it on my face! Yes... you did not hear it wrongly.
This mask is made of Soy milk Enzyme. The Japanese calls it Natto and its great to combat ageing! Don't be mistaken that I am saying you are old!
We all should start using anti-ageing products early, before its too late.

This mask has 2 of my favourite ingredients. One is Witch Hazel and the other being Hydraluronic acid :) Wow! I can't wait to drink... I mean try it on my face! :)

This post is going to be picture intensive as there are many amazing finds of this mask! I just can't help but share with you readers how there.

Each box contains 5 pieces of the wonderful mask selling at $8.90 per box. You can find them in Watsons! Did you spot the spelling error?

Lovemore mask always talks about the 4 level upgrade. I am sure most of you are quite familiar with it already! I will tell you more  about it in the next close up photo :)

Here is the Super 4 Upgrade:
1. More Hyrdrating
2. Best Fitting
3. Intense Moisture
4. Deep Penetration

Everything about this mask is just so amazing! I just can't stop raving about how important it is to save the earth. The mask sheets are 100% natural! Good job LoveMore! Kudos to you people for caring for the environment. :)

Did you realise something?
This product is of low acidity, non-colouring, 
alcohol free and non-comedogenic!
Find me another mask that has all of these 4 properties!
Not forgetting that the printing of the box is from soy ink! Wow!
how interesting is that? I didn't know we can print with soy ink. :)

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5 Pieces of mask found in each box. 5X the awesomeness!

The packaging has a 3D pop out effect. I didn't enhance this photo at all!
So clever of them! It looks like an envelop with a stamp that says suitable for all skin type!

The back of the package with lots of details. :)

[Image credit: LoveMore]

Finally after all the introduction to the yummy soy milk I am ready to use my mask.

Unwrapping all the goodness from this mask.

The mask is just oozing with its serum and smelling rich. Not the smell of soy milk but
very pleasant flora scent. Reminds me a little of witch hazel but not exactly only that.

Yay to perfect fitting on my small frame. 
Yes, this mask does comes with the plastic
sheet as you can see I am having a little fun posing with it.

Yes this mask is very thin and allows my face to breathe easily.
The serum is quickly absorbed onto my face. 

It feels sticky initially
but after the awhile, the sticky feeling is gone :)

Ultra thin mask sheets for your skin to breathe and better absorption rate.

I hope I didn't bore you all with so much details. 
Here are my thoughts about this mask!
Yes, I may repurchase this mask.

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Here's Pearly signing off!

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