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Hi Gals! Have you seen my winning testimonial on Lactacyd facebook page and website? Yup! I absolutely love this wipes.
Find out more about their wipes here!

Here is my winning testimonial! I love their products and i thought i would just share with everyone! Its really very handy and not many intimate wash brands carry wipes! These are really very helpful.
Lactacyd Daily Feminine Wipes are my number one choice! 
They are so convenient to be brought anywhere; to the office,
for shopping and the best is when I travel. They are a must have wipes. Like a combination of wet tissues and feminine wash, the freshness and light scent in the tissue effectively wipes off all the unpleasant feeling off me. No more itchy or uncomfortable feeling.
It works best when I have my period as I have the tendency to "wash" myself in the office toilet.
With this, it is so convenient and not messy at all. I feel cleaner, fresher,fairer and more confident now. I would highly recommend the wipes to all as it is reasonably priced and most importantly, it works!

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