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Thanks to good karma and the good people from Arm and Hammer. I received a new toothbrush! This is non other than the amazing Spinbrush! Most of you are not unfamilar with electronic toothbrush of various brands such as Oral B, In-house brushes such as from Guardian, Watsons and even Colgate they came out with their own electronic brushes. So how will this one fare?
Lets look at it in further details before I give it a verdict.
What it says it can do:

Arm and Hammer Spinbrush introduces technology in its Spinbrush Pro-Whitening toothbrush that can give noticeably whiter teeth in 7 days! (wow!!!)

Lets take a look at the Dual Action Brush Head and Innovative whitening Bristle System.
- The
circular Oscillating Head Spins back and forth to throughly clean and polish even between teeth.

-The secondary brush bristles move up and down to scour
away plaque and massage along the gumline promoting good dental hygiene.

-Together, both heads deliver up to 3,700 brush strokes per minute

cleaning up to 70% more plaque in hard-to-reach places than manual toothbrush.

Amazing stuff isn't it? Now, take a closer look at this spinbrush.
Its pretty light weight and suitable to be carried everywhere, regardless to the office or when you are traveling.  Just slide on the on/off button to trigger the brush. 
When the bristle colours goes off, you know its time to change it. For batteries, 2 AA sized battery is good to charge up and you just have to tilt the cover up to change them. Easy peasy? :D

Spot the difference! Spin Brush Pro Whitening does proves to whiten your teeth in one brush. I used the Arms and Hammer Whitening toothpaste (sample) with it to boost its powers even more. As you can see i am a happy gal with bright pearly whites after the brush. This is only after 1 use. I am super impressed and happy with it. Its a 5 stars toothbrush and yes its gonna follow me for sometime... cheers!

Do remember to check out the promotions exclusively at watsons now. Its retailing at $19.90, for refills, $13.90 for a pack of 2 heads. I think the prices are pretty decent for an electronic/battery operated toothbrush. This one has whitening properties too! So, you should really check it out.

Follow Arm and Hammer now. Don't foget they have on-going contest! Yes they are constantly looking out for friends of the month so if you are active, you may get a chance! Cheers!

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