Mask Review: LoveMore Platinum Eye Whitening Patch (Sponsored)


Dear readers, let's talk about caring for the eyes today! As many of us spend long hours in front of our PC everyday, we tend to neglect our "windows to the soul". As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner due to the break down of collagen. So what can we do?

There are many products in the market that can help you in this,
so let me share some tips with you, on how you can have better eyesight and protect them.

1. Sleep early if you can. All of us need at least 6-8 hours of proper and uninterrupted sleep.
2. Turn away from your computer every 10 -15 minutes to allow your eyes to rest.
3. Look at something green, they are supposed to be good for the eyes. You can use a green wallpaper or place some green plants on your work desk.
4. Take wolf berries, leafy greens, carrots, and fatty fish like Tuna and Salmon. Nuts like Almonds are also great for the eyes. Egg yolks and berries are supposedly great too!
Check out this link which I had found.

For curing of eye bags, You can apply an eye cream (non-oil based will be better), do an eye massage regularly, use a cold spoon or tea bag. To avoid all the mess, use an eye patch.

Today, I am looking at an eye patch which proclaims to help you reduce dark eye circle from its root and finally for you to be able to bid good bye to those ugly looking panda eye bags.

Did you see Yuan Yuan (My latest panda addition) is secretly aiming at my platinum whitening eye patch from behind?

What is this?

Platinum Eye Whitening Patch by LoveMore

What does it do?

Epidermal pigmentation causes stubborn dark circle under our eyes. This eye mask targets to prevents melanin production with an extra boost of sparkle diamond powder and platinum extract, hence reduce our
eye bags.

LoveMore has came out with 3 different eye patch targeting at different areas:

1. LoveMore Platinum Eye Whitening Patch

Image from LoveMore

2. Collagen Eye Firming Patch

Image from LoveMore

3. Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch

Image from LoveMore

I will be reviewing the LoveMore Platinum Eye Whitening Patch in this post and it is my first time using an eye patch. :)


LoveMore proclaims that this eye patch will help you in reducing your dark eye circles from its root and bid good bye to panda eyes.

The 3 main functions of this eye mask and their main ingredients are:

1. Luminizing - Platinum Extract & Diamond Powder
2. Deep Whitening - Snow Lotus & Transamin
3. Anti-Aging - Vitamin E & Vitamin K

How many are there per box?

Each box of eye mask contains 5 pieces of Platinum Eye Whitening Patch

Each patch is 6ml

Who can use?

This mask is suitable for all skin types

How to use/apply the eye patch after cleansing?
*Simply follow my steps in the photo*

General Steps:

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly as you usually would with your regular face cleanser/wash
2. Open the eye patch pack and place the eye patch underneath your eyes (where your eye bags are located)
3. Adjust the mask to ensure that it fits nicely
4*. Leave the eye whitening patch on for 15-20 minutes
5. Remove the mask once you are done and massage the remaining essense to let your eye bags fully absorb them
4* : I would personally recommend you to put on the eye patch for a shorter time if this is the first time you are trying out this product as you will not be sure of any allergic reactions like breakouts, skin irritation or skin rashes. In the unfortunate event that it happens, please do consult a skin dermatologist.

  • Do not leave the eye patch over 20 minutes
  • Do not leave the eye patch overnight
  • Do not reuse the eye patch

Read about my experience using this eye patch:

If i can propose a change, that will be to have some indicator to indicate which part of the eye patch should be place on the face with the left/right indicator. Somewhat like what the contact lenses would be like. Otherwise, I love it that their external packaging is printed with Soy Ink. It makes me feel that LoveMore cares so much about the environment.


It felt a little slippery and slim-my to pick up the eye patches and i was quite afraid that i would accidentally break them. It does not feel oily or watery at all. The eye patch felt cooling and it was able to hold on to my face quite easily while i continue with my work.

After 15 minutes when i took off the eye patch, i realize that it was not flimsy at all.
It is quite stretchable, so don't be afraid that you will break it when handling it.


The eye patch has a very mild and pleasant floral scent, not the strong perfume smell or fruity smell which sometimes puts me off.



Not very prominent as expected because it was only after one use at 15 minutes. Eye bags were slightly reduced, eyes looking less tired and puffy. Eyes felt much relaxed and facial muscles around the eye bags felt slightly firm up. Overall, I like the cooling feeling when i have the eye patch on.

For better effects, you may wish to try to put it into the fridge for 10 minutes before using them.

Overall, I like this eye patch and i will be considering to bring it along with me when I travel. I think its a really good idea to do a quick eye mask during night flights. There may be a possibility that I will re-purchase it too! :)


Although LoveMore Platinum Eye Whitening Patch was sponsored, it does not affect my personal opinion of the product.

P/s: Currently LoveMore is running a contest for us bloggers to have the most comments on their blog under our post, so i hope you will help me out by commenting on what do you think of the eye patch and share with me tips that you use to help you in your eye bag issues.

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Thank you!
Pearly Tan

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