Beauty Drink Review: Otsuka Placenta C Drink - Locking your youth in a bottle (Sponsored)


The 21st century office lady would dress to impress with her killer heels. Look great with her face smacked with the latest DD cream and follows the latest make-up trend. All these and more using the easiest and quickest way.

If you simply have no time to apply 10 different creams onto your face before you head to bed and you are worried about having allergies with new ingredients that you are unfamiliar with. Read on for something which may solve your problems.

Take 1-2 minutes of your time and drink this just before you head to bed.

Otsuka Placenta C drink is highly palatable and enriched with 10,000 mg of placenta extract which is essential for the skin beauty. It aims to moisturize your skin giving it the fairness and radiance which you have always wanted. Keep premature aging at bay!

The Otsuka Placenta C Drink contains 5 main beauty ingredients. 1
0,000 mg of placenta extract, 1000g/ml of collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and enzyme treated swallow nest extract. All these to enhance the skin's natural healing power and increase hydration to your skin. It does not contain caffeine and is absolutely sugarless.

Check out the full list of ingredients

Additional Nutritional information for your reference

Precautions you should take:

  • You should consume immediately after opening
  • It is best to keep in cool dry places or in the refrigerator
  • Do not freeze or heat the product
  • Keep it out of reach from children
  • Stop consumption if allergies occurs, consult a doctor


Otsuka Placenta C Drink gives you a mild scent and light sourish-sweet taste. It does not have a strong collagen, or fishy smell or taste despite that it contains fish collagen. Take note that the placenta used here comes from pig, so for malay readers this drink is not for you. There are no visible traces of bird nest in this drink.

This drink does bring radiance to my face giving it a natural glow the following day after just one intake. As with all beauty drinks, you need to be consistent to see results. I like the taste and convenience of drinking a beauty drink as my skin tends to be sensitive to certain skincare products.

Grab a box of 3 for only S$19.90 at Watsons, John Little, Sasa, Beaute Spring, Venus and selected major retail outlets today!

Cheers to beauty, cheers to health.
Be confident, be yourself.


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