Beauty Review: Bio-essence Hydra Tri Action Sleeping Mask [Sponsored]


Dear Fans! Are you a lazy person like I am? Wish to put on a mask yet hate to wait for the mask to rest on your face for too long and afraid to fall asleep with it? Would you like to try a sleeping mask?

If you have been following my beauty reviews on this blog, you would have read of the previous sleeping mask that I've tried before, in fact there are plenty for you to choose from. So what's so special about this one that I am reviewing today? Is it better than the rest? Read on to find out more.

Introducing to you the Bio-essence Hydra Tri Action Sleeping Mask

Bio-essence reveals a new revolutionary hydration range featuring Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask that transforms into aqua droplets upon application.

If you are looking at a product that Hydrate, Nourish & Protect, Bio-essence Hydra Tri Action Sleeping Mask offer total 3 times total hydration to let your skin experience the transformation from the dull and lifeless skin to a hydrated, supple and firm skin!

What is so unique about this mask that is not found in other mask?

You can....

1) Apply a thin layer of the Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask and use it like a regular moisturizer

2) Apply a thick layer of the Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask and use it like a night moisturizing mask and wake up with a supple and firm skin

This mask is suitable for both day and night use.

It contains 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid (Power Nano Hyaluronic Acid & Hyaluronic Acid). Remember Hada Labo... it contains Hyaluronic Acid too. Most of the moisturizing products that replenish and hydrate nowadays has these ingredients in them! This mask has a protective shield over the hydrating ingredients to prevent moisture loss! Oh! Don't forget the cranberry extract too!

Do you have these skin issues?

- Dull looking and tired skin
- Dry and rough skin
- Enlarged pores
- Dry and lacking moisture

Then this product is for you!

Look at the texture of the mask, it doesn't feel sticky at all.

Bio Essence cares about their customers! Not only do they have a seal on their mask container, they even printed the directions at the back to remain them of how to apply this mask.

Pardon for the not so clear photographs

This product is available at local pharmacies at $33.90 for 80g.

I loved the color, the packaging and the texture of this mask as you cannot really smell the cranberry extract which is good too as i dislike sweet fragrances. This mask is actually not suitable for people whom suffer from sensitive skin and for people with peeling or "raw" skin.

Even after you test the mask on your skin and it proves to be fine, you may wish to slowly try it on your face applying only an extremely thin layer and even washing it off and not leaving it on overnight. Try applying slightly thicker as you go along.

I would also recommend that you should visit a GP or a Dermatologist if you experience any side effects like skin rashes or itchiness.

It is best for you to try out the sample pack before deciding if you would like to purchase one for yourself. You may do so via Samplestore from 18th Nov 2013 onwards on a first come first serve, while stock last basis.

Thank you Bio Essence and SampleStore for your love.

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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