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It seems like the trend nowadays is to drink and eat to beauty. Young people nowadays are more conscious of not only our looks, but what nutrition does it gives to us. Same goes to what we use, and what should not be going into our skin. We do not blindly apply beauty products or take a beauty drink without looking at the ingredient list. Medical expenses are rising, so are beauty salons booming in business.

What can we do for ourselves at the comfort of our home? Take a beauty routine and enjoy the flavors of the beauty drinks while you detox, slim down, attempt to make yourself fairer, add collagen to your body or attempt to increase your bust size. All these can be done with Mygen Life beauty drinks.

My gen Life beauty drinks carries 5 different drinks:

1. Slimming
2. Detox
3. Beauty Collagen 12,000mg

4. Whitening
5. Bustful

Each of these drinks targets a specific beauty need that one may require. I was provided the Slimming drinks for review. Perhaps its the festive season, and I have been complaining that I had put on too much weight.

This is the first time I am trying a slimming product because I never felt that I would need something like that, until recently I've been gaining too much weight for my own good.

"Mygenlife Slimming Nectar drink is a fast acting, feel good drink-type slimming supplement. The powerful formula of enzymes supercharged with Chestnut Astrigent Skin Extract and Chia Seed provides safest nature's powder for weigh loss for life."
- Quoted by Mygenlife

If you are nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult a doctor before consuming this product. Keep product out of reach of children and store it in a cool and dry place.
*Results may vary from person to person.

Its main ingredients includes:

1) Chestnut Astrigent Skin Extract which a an all natural ingredient that supports the reduction of carbohydrate absorption into your body. It improves your diet and helps manage your weight.

2) Chia Seed which is a great source of Omega-3 fats and fiber. It helps to boost energy, stabilize your sugar levels and aid in digestion. It also contains Amino Acid which helps to regulate your appetite. All these ensure you have a trim and healthy figure.
(See its other benefits here)

3) Fibersol-2 which is a natural dietary fiber made from corn which helps support a healthy digestive system.

Drink a bottle a day
It does not state when it is best to consume this. My personal recommendation is for you to drink it before the time you will get hungry, to curb your snacking cravings.
E.g (For me when I blog before i head to bed, I always would munch on snacks. I will therefore drink it like 30 minutes before i start working on my blog post.)

Mygenlife recommends that you take the slimming drink for 28 days for a supercharged slimming effect. I have not used it for so long to advise how I feel after 28 days.

I don't have previous experience with slimming products. This is my first and I have not seen significant changes to my weight since I've started this drink. I am also not a big eater. I am a believer in exercising, having a healthy diet and balanced life. Having said all that, a slimming drink so yummy like this is welcomed as a daily supplement to my eat, sit, work, study and sleep lifestyle.

My first sip felt fruity which I think is from the sweet cherry and I could immediately feel the chia seeds which were crunchy. I thought it was sago at first. The drink is a little sweet with a very light and almost non-existence taste of chestnut. It tasted really good. I don't mind having more. Ladies take note, only one bottle a day. You can get addicted easily with this yummy drink, so control. I was rather surprised that a slimming drink can taste so good. I have heard that corn is fattening for someone on a diet or attempting to slim down, so I was rather surprise to see it as one of the ingredients.

As it is packed in a bottle, its easy for you to carry it with you to consume when you are on the move. I had mine chilled, so it feels refreshing too.

If you are interested in getting yourself a bottle of nice tasting and effective drink,   check out your nearest Guardian stores or simply visit Hannah Holdings and get the slimming nectar drink online.

Rating: 4 star slimming drink
Repurchase: Yes
Taste Yummy: Yes

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