Beauty Event: Launch of Nuxe White for the Asian Skin at Food For Thought


I was invited to the launch of Nuxe White at Food For Thought last friday evening.
I am starting to get invitation to beauty product launches and I'm grateful for them.
Product launches allow me to share with my readers what's the latest in the market now, compared to existing products which are already available.

The venue was great and the food was brilliant. Not forgetting the opportunities to catch up with my blogger friends, something which I haven't had time to do. It is at these product launches that allows us to catch up with each other. Most of the bloggers I've known do have a day job like me so we really do appreciate it when the event is held after office hours and moreover, this event is held on a friday evening.

To bring out the theme, the event room at Food For Thought was in white and decorated with white floras and there were multiple standees with their products on them which we could test.

Nuxe has recently launched their range of Nuxe White products. This range of products are made from flowers such as the White Crocus, Stargazer Lily, Porcelain Rose and Cherry Blossom. It is no surprise that they smell this good! Together with Vitamin C, they work on the 3 key factors of Skin Transparency to promote whiteness, luminosity and hydration in the Asian Woman's skin.

This is the first time Nuxe is launching a range of products targeted at us Asian Woman as they used to generalise their products. 

If you are looking at a product to reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve your skin transparency and clarity of your complexion to bring the rosy appearance of the skin, then Nuxe White is something for you.

There are 5 key products and some upcoming complementary care product in this Nuxe White range. Keep a watch out for the up and coming BB Cream and Brightening perfect mask.

Step 1:
Brightening Purifying Foam (Clean and Clarify)

The first product is the Brightening Purifying Foam which is to clean and clarify your face. The high foaming power is sulfate free and do not irritate your skin. It is derived from Coconut, Corn and Sunflower in order to reduce the drying effect on our skin after cleansing. Retail price:

This is not your typical foamy type of facial wash that leaves you with the soapy feeling. It felt gentle on my skin as I was using it.

Step 2: Brightening Moisturizing Lotion (Moisturize and smooth)

The lotion has a very gentle micro-exfoliating effect although it is highly concentrated in pyruvic acid, works as effectively as the AHAs but lower irritation levels due to the high proportion of mucilage. It aims to smooth and refine your skin texture using a 100% natural Hyaluronic Acid that preserves water at the skin's surface. This removes the dryness level. Retail price: $55

I like this moisturizing lotion which acts like a toner to double cleanse my skin and it has the right texture, neither too watery nor thick.

Step 3: Intensive Whitening Dark Spot Correcting Serum (Correct)
The Intensive Whitening Dark Sport Correcting Serum is highly concentrated with brightening active ingredients such as the cherry blossom leave extract. It is non greasy and does not leave a sticky feeling on your skin. Retail price: $88

The texture of the serum is very light but it smells a tat too strong with its cherry blossom scent. I like that it gets absorbed quickly by my skin, you can almost see the brightening effect straight away.

Step 4: Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion (Diminish dark spots and moisturize)

The brightening moisturizing Emulsion lotion contains rice powder which helps to absorb sebum, matifies your skin without blocking its pores and leaves you with a silky finish. Retail price: $65

The Moisturizing Emulsion complements the Dark Spot serum by moisturizing your skin. This is the last step of the process for night time usage.

Step 5: Daily UV Protector SPF 30PA+++ (UV Protection)

The Daily UV Protector has an ultra-fluid and non-sticky texture that does not leave any white film and can be applied before your daily moisturizer as a base for make up. It contains Cocoa Extract to reduce melanin rate and tyrosinase activity. Jasmine extract to boost defense against the free radicals and promote protection of the cells. Antioxidant and Vitamin E to protect the cell's integrity.

The UV Protector does not have the typical sunblock smell and smooths out my skin quickly. It does not have the white powdery feel but a little more on the watery side. It smells quite decent, however I wished it smelled more on the floral side. (I have yet to come by a sunblock which smells floral, perhaps due to the base ingredient of the sunblock).

Ms Charlene Yap, Marketing Manager's opening speech for bloggers.

Nuxe Trainer who shared with us about Nuxe and Nuxe White.

Nuxe is a leader of the natural origin cosmetics in France.

Photograph taken with fellow lovely blogger friends is a must have on such occasions.
Spot the difference between the two photos.

We must remember to fill our tummy with the yummylicious food prepared by Food For Thought. Check out the delicious cakes like the chocolate brownie above.

Mini Red Velvet Cake

Mixed Mushroom Potato Gratin

Mushroom and Onion Quiche Tartlets

Tomato Bruschetta

Other than the good food that was served, we each brought home a generous bag of goodies from Nuxe. I'm soooo gonna start using them soon because they all smell so good.

Thank you Nuxe Singapore for the lovely invitation and holding it in the lovely Food For Thought located at the National Museum of Singapore.

Lovely readers do follow them on facebook and check out their latest promotion.
I hope you have benefited from this post...till then..

Be Confident, Be yourself.

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