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Are you a party goer? Do you drink? Do you know how to create a cocktail ? What is the difference between a cocktail and a mocktail? How would you like a Mobile Cocktail Bar that goes around unrestricted to provide you with drinks mixed on-the-go, without you having to worry? Are you looking for some ideas for your year end party or looking for some help for a team building activity for your organization? Maybe you can try drinkdings out.

Thanks to W.Atelier for providing the cozy space of a "kitchen" for the event. It was really cozy and homely.

Drinkdings is Singapore first event, cocktail and mobile bar service provider, providing party goers with professional and reliable ad hoc bar services. If your event requires a beverage caterer, Drinkdings provides you with the bartenders, alcohols, mixers, glass, ice and all the necessary bar equiptment. They also take care of the delivery and collection, set-up and clean up as well as tables and counters if you require.

Drinkdings also hold cocktail and mocktail workshops conducted by their experienced bartenders, customisable for groups as small as six to as large as a hundred at a venue of the customer's choice.

I had the honour to be invited for a cozy session of Spooky Christmas Cocktail hands-on Workshop where I get to learn to mix 3 drinks based on the spooky christmas theme. It was an eye opener as I am not someone who drinks and I get to learn a whole lot of bartending terms, which I will be sharing with you.

What is a Cocktail?

A mixed drink containing alcohol normally in the form of a distilled spirit, sugar, water, and bitters. It contains one or more types of liquor and flavourings, and one or more liquers, fruit juices, water, ice, soda, milk etc.

Liquor - Distillation produced from alcoholic fermantation such as wine
Any food, herb, vegetables and fruits can be fermanted and distillated but not all are edible.

Liquers- Flavoured distilled alcohol beverage (sweet and syrupy)

What is a Mocktail?
A Mocktail is a cocktail without the alcohol content. It is a mixture of juices and syrups.

Above are some of the bar equiptment which I have pieced together for you, which I have used that evening for my cocktail workshop. Its good to know the right terms.

When are drinks shaked or stirred?
It depends on the customer's preference. Over-shaking will melt the ice at a faster pace so if you're just mixing a small quantity of syrup, consider it stirred then shaken.

It was quite fun to be concoting different drinks for myself and getting the hang of shaking with the Boston Shaker filled with drinks and ice was no joke. Your hands get cold and you have to ensure you held the boston glass and shaker firmly so as not to spill your drinks. Getting them seperated afterwards also has a technique. No, we did not learn the Singapore Sling, these drinks are basically created by drinkdings bartenders.

This Wild-Eyed Tini that I've made is a mocktail version, so basically all you see here is just Lychee juice with lychee and olives as the eye for decoration. The red colour "blood" is from a food colouring.

A Mixture of Grenadine syrup, Blue Curacao, Soya Milk, Vodka and ice with Marshmellow and chocolate stick with daps of colouring as a decoration piece. I love the colour of this drink. For mocktail version, perhaps we can try with rose syrup.

Lastly, we made this with Blue Curacao, Mango and pineapple juice with Vodka and Ice, garnished with Gummy worms and chocolate syrup.

Before you go, a bonus fun fact since you had been dillgently reading!

Have an inspiration? Create your own drinks today and give it a name, uniquely yours.
I hope this blogpost had been informative for you as it had been for me.


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